Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 10 – Creating Functions That Use Parameters

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25 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 10 – Creating Functions That Use Parameters”

  1. Owonubi Job Sunday Avatar

    You saved a lot of people

  2. MJ Sanchez Avatar

    Buckeys favortie numbner is

  3. techmaster90 Avatar

    how would I use the "cin" to enter the int variable as the parameter. This way allowing the user to determine what Buck's favorite number is?

  4. only me Avatar

    What do you use this technique for?

  5. Jack Dias Avatar

    I am learning programming, reading Bjarne Stroustrup book, programming principles and practice using c++, fast and direct videos like this can be really helpfull, thanks.

  6. iUpdateyou Avatar

    <3 Love your help man!!!

  7. BOAC Avatar

    I still don't understand the point of putting variables in parameters when you could assign them inside the function itself. Why do we have to put variables in parameters sometimes? Sorry, i'm just not understanding.

  8. Ankush K Avatar

    i am typing the same code but i am getting an error on return don't understand why ?

  9. omgbannanaful1 Avatar

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    void main()
    cout << " I'm only 11 years old.";

  10. Vivaan Sharma Avatar

    I will also share my coding for c++

  11. Vivaan Sharma Avatar

    this video is awesome .thanks for sharing

  12. Vonzaku Avatar

    I love these tutorials, but how am I supposed to remember all of what I'm learning?

  13. kakarot SSB Avatar

    where make c++ program
    i mean where we write it to make a program

  14. Kunal Chand Avatar

    Why cant i print x ( parameter of function ) in the main function ?
    I mean :

    void ……(int x)
    int main ()
    cout << "Value of x is : " << x<< endl;


    This code give me error saying : X was not declared inside the scope .
    Why this error is coming ?
    Thanks in advance .

  15. Tycho Kornman Avatar

    with all the tutorials i watched from 1 to 10 i made this…

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    void printCrap(int x){
    cout << "Your favorite number is " << x << endl;

    int main()
    int a;
    cin >> a ;
    return 0;

    (run this code!!!) Thanks Thenewboston!!!!!!

  16. Prodiigy • Avatar

    So would this work?

    #include <iostream>

    Using namespace std;

    Void RandomThing (int a) {
    cout << "my phone number is " << a << endl;

    Int main ( )

    RandomThing (0000000000)

    cout << "boi get roasted" << a << endl

    return 0;

  17. zombieslaya3456 Avatar

    This motherfucker teaches better than my college professor.

  18. BoomerUniverse Avatar

    I made an ageguessing program, but more precise.

    using namespace std;

    void printAge()
    int yearBorn;
    int year;
    int monthBorn;
    int month;
    cout << "What year were you born? n";
    cin >> yearBorn;
    cout << "What year is it? n";
    cin >> year;
    cout << "What number month were you born? n";
    cin >> monthBorn;
    cout << "What number month is it? n";
    cin >> month;
    int age = year – yearBorn;
    if(monthBorn > month)
    age = age – 1;
    cout << "Your age is " << age << endl;

    int main()
    return 0;

  19. Daniel Wang Avatar

    I know ur favorite number is 69 🙂

  20. Stephany Sanchez Avatar

    love your videos! they are sooo helpful and actually entertaining. Most videos about programming out me to sleep.

  21. zapxcero Avatar

    A great teacher with humour

  22. wolverine X Avatar

    you r d best teacher man

  23. mo swilam Avatar

    dude ur fucking awesome,, u should be proud of urself,, greetings from an Egyptian guy living in Ukraine..

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