Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 12 – Introduction to Classes and Objects

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39 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 12 – Introduction to Classes and Objects”

  1. bujashaka Avatar

    thanks to using name Bucky in your examples, i now remember the name. Cool trick man.

  2. 김경주 Avatar

    Thank you very much your good quality video. It is really helpful.

  3. Megamind Avatar

    tnx man 8 minutes tutorial enough for a beginner to classes , better that other 45 mins 😀

  4. Sam 77 Avatar

    …Access the CRAP inside of your class … I LAUGHED AND DIED

  5. yark park Avatar

    Should have done TunaClass

  6. GPTDavid Avatar

    The skill you posses to be able to make my brain understand this in just 8.25min is a divine gift!

  7. Khawula Mandisa Avatar

    I cant believe this video was made years ago but it is still so very helpful. Bucky buddy you are the best!!!!!

  8. Evens Gesner Avatar

    I tried following but it kept saying it needed a terminating number or something

  9. Nonyane Mahlatsi Avatar

    bucky you are the best

  10. Harish Sharma Avatar

    Hii buckyy! What if we want to return multiple data types?

  11. Died 2002 Avatar

    What compiler do you use? I currently use dev c++ but I want to use visual studio but i just dont know how to add more libraries, like #include <dirent.h> etc.

  12. marti 323 Avatar

    so there can be 2 classes with the same name and thats why we need objects? I mean cant we just use the name of the class instead of using it and a object?

  13. Chew Avatar

    Thanks a lot man! Great tutorial

  14. Poh Ti Avatar

    The man. The myth. The legend. Bucky.
    I always come back here for your tutorials. Simple and comprehensive.
    So much better than 3 hr long school lectures

  15. John Brown Avatar

    This reminds me of the dots I see in windows programming.

  16. Tina Ogawa-Johnson Avatar

    So… public classes are the same thing as structs??

  17. Francis Freeman Avatar

    It took three weeks for my college professor to get this far in the introduction to C++ and cost me $750 in credits before I dropped out. Thank you for your service and for making this program. I only wish I found it sooner.

  18. Juan Carlos Pérez Avatar

    Thank you, your explanation is so clear and simple that I finally understood something no one could explain me before to understand. Since last Saturday I am finally moving from VB6 to C++.

  19. MsAmedina1 Avatar

    Thank you for this video. It made things so much easier to understand.

  20. MM Avatar

    What's the point of private functions inside a class? For the public functions to use?

  21. Yourfirstnightmare Roblox Avatar

    Made a math class thingy!

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class math {
    int add(int x,int y) {
    return x + y;
    int multiply(int x, int y) {
    return x*y;
    float divide(float x, float y) {
    return x / y;
    int main() {
    math Math;
    cout << Math.add(10, 10) << endl << Math.multiply(7, 3) << endl << Math.divide(6, 3);
    return 0;

  22. Loch-ness Monster Avatar

    bucky you are the shit!!!

  23. A t Avatar

    94 college deans watched this video

  24. Muhammad Fikri Akramudin Avatar

    The class with the objects inside it.
    So you can call the objects in that class if you call the class first and then call the objects inside it

  25. Anon Avatar

    class coolClass{
    void coolSaying(){
    cout << "Bam, wam, thank you Ma'am!" << endl;

    int main (){
    coolClass coolObject;

    return 0;

  26. Nizar Assi Avatar

    Is it normal that I did not well understand the concept of Objects?
    Do you guys think that if I continue the C++ tutorial playlist and I will understand it automatically? Or should I rewatch the video, or watch another tutorial to understand its concept?
    Thanks in advance.

  27. Yassine Taoudi Avatar

    It's funny how I got used to your voice at a speed of x1.5

  28. Артур Харзаманов Avatar

    Do you not need "new" in C++ to create a new Object like you do in Java?
    For example: BuckiesClass object = new BuckiesClass(); object.someFunction();

  29. Vivaan Sharma Avatar

    can please tell me the difference between class and object in brief.

  30. Snehil Maknojia Avatar

    cout<<"Bucky is awesome!";

  31. Duy Nguyen Avatar

    who watching in 5-2017 ¿¿¿

  32. exxodus09 Avatar

    This has been one of my toughest concepts to grasp in C++ and all of your tutorials have been super helpful! Thanks so much!

  33. Martin Stöckl Avatar

    How can I prototype my class if I want main on the top? It gives me an error when I try to do it the same as with the functions.

  34. Bigwell Baramasimbe Avatar

    nice vid….
    can you help?

    1. Create a class called Engine that models the engine of a car…then create a class called Car that inherits the Engine class.

    2.create a class called Point that models a 2 dimensional point…then create a class called Point3D that models a point in 3 dimensions by inheriting from Point..

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