Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 14 – Constructors

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45 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 14 – Constructors”

  1. bujashaka Avatar

    Hello, it's the grammar police here. We need to talk…..

  2. Aidan Greer Avatar

    I understand the use of constructors, but I don't understand is why not call these functions like in last video.
    Edit: I think I know now, but I'm not sure. I think it goes like this. If in Int main you call a function before set name it will run slower but when you do it with constructor it will run instantly? idk.

  3. truthspeaks84 Avatar

    I don't understand. After you write "void setName (string x)," won't that override "setName (z)?"

    In other words:
    y = z
    y = x
    x won't be equal to z… x OVERWRITES z. Why isn't it the same with setName()?

  4. Jack Eroux Avatar

    How was your drink?

  5. Ogsem Ogi Avatar

    It doesnt work for me no maching fuction to call from BuckysClass to setName pls help

  6. John Brown Avatar

    Thank you Bucky now I make sense of constructors. What is a destructor (~)? Does it destroy the data we automatically gave the object?

  7. WALLSNAP Avatar

    basicly it is _init_

  8. devin blevins Avatar

    So i can create all functions inside of the header like void myNameIs() ect.. and they all get called inside of the actual source file cpp?

  9. smit patil Avatar

    Am I the only one who is using Linux ???

  10. Shawn Avatar

    YES! I GET IT!

  11. John Brown Avatar

    The problem with this tutorial course is he illustrates useless programs that don't teach us enough about the topic.

  12. Abdullah Aqqad Avatar

    يزم يسعد ربك

  13. Shaan Choudhri Avatar

    So is the constructor basically the _init_ function in python?

  14. Juliano2335 Avatar

    Lucky Bucky Roberts

  15. TheVanIIshed Avatar

    How do i do it with numbers?
    is it like change everything from string to int and in naim its like
    BuckysClass bo 10
    cout << bo.getNumber();
    pls help im struggeling

  16. Ghada Mhmd Avatar

    why tho?????????????????

  17. Randalf Avatar

    i cant get my head around any of this, or the previous one. aaahh

  18. Caleb Ballard Avatar

    HELP: what does he mean by set an "initial" value. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding the purpose of setting an initial value to a variable. The word initial is especially confusing to me and google just says the same thing. halp plz

  19. Ky Vi Vuong Avatar

    hey Bucky. Can I create a bunch of objects from a class and put them in an array?

  20. Kyuyoung Shim Avatar

    A really good demonstration…You are just amazing

  21. Brian Moya Avatar

    2:08 English ,who needs it right

  22. eccentricArchitect Avatar

    What he says about objects is SUPER important. Remember, you're creating an instance(copy) of the class, NOT a link to the class itself.

  23. Shivani Shilichurn Avatar

    Can you write what you said for the definition of constructors, please?

  24. Onur Silahdar Avatar

    i don't get what strings are for

  25. NickBossBG Avatar

    How its working without declaring the function at the top of the class ?

  26. lfethacarter Avatar

    watched this video at least 4 times, finally got the gist of it.

  27. Joe Lambert Avatar

    Do u have any exercise for this tutorial??

  28. Ahmed Masmoudi Avatar

    1:03 "and the constructor name is always the same as the class name ,the exact same " – Bucky the Rapper :p

  29. Henry Coldrain Avatar

    Guys am i the only one thinks that he sounds like Brad Pitt

  30. Movahedi Academy Avatar

    You seem like a very creative person. Just because of the goofy names you come up with lol.

  31. noobsforbrunch Avatar

    honestly some of the shit this guy does has me thinking he doesn't know what he's doing….why so complicated….

  32. Ziad Khan Avatar

    at this time my digestion stops working

  33. 有馬アレクス Avatar

    string library isn't necessary

  34. Shubham Dogra Avatar

    What is wrong in this code?

    using namespace std;

    class Add{
    cout<<"the two numbers are";
    void display()
    cout<<" A = "<<a<<endl;
    cout<<" B = "<<b<<endl;
    cout<<"Sum = "<<c<<endl;
    void sum()
    c= a+b;
    int a,b,c;
    int main()
    Add x;
    return 0;

  35. Alex Mrt Avatar

    "Pretty cool huh?"

  36. Chillz Avatar

    6 years ago this sexy video was uploaded.

  37. The Scrooge McDuck Avatar

    Not quite sure I get why he did this, can't he just do
    int main()
    BuckysClass bo;
    bo.setName("Lucky Bucky roberts");
    return 0;
    to get the same effect?

  38. Sonic260 Avatar

    Ooooh, okay. Creating an instance of the class doesn't requires the " = new Class();" line. (Coming from C#).

  39. Harsath Bill Gates Avatar

    what is the use of Constructors in c++

  40. Praneet Jaiswal Avatar

    Well , this was a bit confusing

  41. n3onis Avatar

    Again, perfect. Constructors were another topic I couldn't get through completely.

  42. Ahmed Hadi Avatar

    @thenewboston can you talk about "copy constructor" ?

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