Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 3 – More on Printing Text

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30 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 3 – More on Printing Text”

  1. SupremeSentrix Avatar

    this is super easy to understand and helps a ton. thank you for taking your time out of your day to make this for people like me to better understand the program.

  2. Shahmir Saba Avatar

    500 comments I completed.

  3. sayed ashraf Avatar

    to make the sound louder
    apply this
    and you will be fine

  4. Aman Ahlwat Avatar

    Keep up the awesome work, really well spoken.

  5. Mohammed Asif Suhaib Avatar

    Love you bro………You will be the reason for my Success In C++ Chapter In My 12th …..

  6. techmaster90 Avatar

    After I save the code and then exit the program I can't run the code for some reason even though it says main.exe What do I do to get the code to work outside of the CodeBlocks program?

  7. Callum Miller Avatar

    Am I correct in assuming, placing a ; at the end of a line of code prevents the program from infinitely printing the code on the computer screen? I am completely new to code.

  8. Asha Rana Avatar

    while running my problem, my system showed " execution of doxygen failed"statement . Tell me how can i resolve this error.

  9. FLOWWVLOG Avatar

    cmd is not showing up when building and running :/

  10. 4am Robert Avatar

    just started following you now, to learn c++ keeping up with you upto now, tried doing it before and reading from a book but didnt go too well so thank you!

  11. Alamin Ahmad Avatar

    plx help me i'm having exam this week and i can't install the app

  12. Tarun Chand Avatar

    hope this series is as good as your HTML and CSS series. however your JavaScript series was not up to my expectation but was good enough for me to get started. hope I can use your tutorials to implement in cry engine.

  13. The Notorious R.D.N Avatar

    when I try to change the text, when the text shows it still says Hello World?? help me please

  14. Unknown Account Avatar

    I did 4-5 months of c programming before this so this is pretty easy to pick up so far

  15. franklin asumadu Avatar

    what if you want to print out n

  16. Basel C Avatar

    thank you but, am i the only one who noticed that you said two n 's make two lines between two sentences and not just one lol ( cout << "Boy I love bacon n n" << endl; cout << " And ham";) which out puts "boy I love bacon", one line gap, second line " And ham"

  17. Prodiigy • Avatar

    I made a code

    #include <iostream>

    Using namespace std;

    Int main ()


    cout << "I breath in memes nnnnnnnn ";

    cout << "then i exhale them like a completly normal person";

    Return 0;



  18. Chris Legaspi Avatar

    Uhm. Bacon is ham…

  19. Quinten Salinas Avatar

    I need help. This is what i typed in the screen. I ran it and it keeps saying Hello World still…..

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    int main()
    cout << "boy i love bacon ";
    cout << "and ham";

    return 0;

  20. surviving gamer Avatar

    Wait, what is an insertion operator?

  21. theconfusedhead Avatar

    what is the shortcut for compiling.

  22. Chailla Ostine Avatar

    i saw all ur videos abt javascript and i luv ur explain's method alors chui vraiment heureuse de trouver des videos par rapport c++

  23. Cerberussian Avatar

    Better use endl as it flushes the buffer (think of it as saving all your data in case of crashes) while n does not

  24. Tyler Averette Avatar

    If you are watching this in 2017 just download Dev c++. It is much better. I finished my first c++ class at my community college, and it worked amazingly. I am watching these videos for another perspective on the class, plus I think my class ended somewhere before the 30th lesson.

  25. he john Avatar

    and how can i type n in code, not for new line?

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