Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 4 – Variables

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39 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 4 – Variables”

  1. Szabo Daniel-Andras Avatar

    my teacher never told me and the class that u could declare the variable after int main he always said that we have to put it after include isotream

  2. Anthony Calkins Avatar

    Haha "6 cause its easy to type"

  3. Mohammed Asif Suhaib Avatar

    Loved It Bro….Best Tutorial Ever Understood By Me… 🙂

  4. Instanity Avatar

    We need more vegan friendly videos

  5. Palak Patel Avatar

    Pretty cool, huh?

  6. Hà Chí Hào Avatar

    What is double, long ?

  7. Michael Darby Avatar

    "Let me give you a brief history lesson." Talks about math

  8. Harsh Mishra Avatar

    Why you used int 2 times? What does int mean in it?

  9. Kingshuk Dutta Avatar

    If 'int' stands for 'integer' then does that mean that we are putting a integral variable 'main()' when we write 'int main()'?

  10. mobinblack Avatar

    Where should I go to learn c++ from c#, I know c# really well and I know variables and newline stuff I just need to learn the differences.

  11. GreenLeaf 82 Avatar

    how would I execute a script if i'm using visual studio

  12. Dead Channel R.I.P Avatar

    wow over 50% of people quit
    1.1M start
    570K 4th episode

  13. Prodiigy • Avatar

    #include <iostream>

    Using namespace std;

    Int main()

    Int boi = 801;

    cout << boi;

    cout << "I breath in memes n";

    cout << "then i exhale them like a completly normal person";

    Return 0;


  14. Jesus  Rodriguez Avatar

    Hey Bucky, the subtrahend! haha for better words difference worked great. youre awesome thank you for your vids

  15. Akshay Mekala Avatar

    Can you explain me a prime number and Factorial program

  16. Bjorn Avatar

    its gonna be a + b so now you can c.. naiiled it

  17. Jason R Avatar

    Man, Bucky really does love bacon

  18. waleed aljanfawe Avatar

    I have a problem mate
    the ( cout ) is I a green colour in my program and I could not run it and i do not get an output.
    pls help.

  19. Keyur Kumbhare Avatar

    Guys, get the NOTES of Buckys C++ programming tutorials for as low as $1 on my channel. These notes are made my me after watching these tutorials completely. I will upload the link to buy the notes soon on my channel. Subscribe to my channel to stay updated. 🙂

  20. creativeKnowledge Mike Avatar

    using namespace std;
    class fuckclass {
    public:void destroyeveryone() {
    cout << "DIE no life trash" << endl;
    int main() {
    fuckclass slowobject;
    return 0;
    int main()
    int a;
    int x;
    int sum;

    cout << "enter a number lune! n";
    cin >> a;

    cout << "enter another number n";
    cin >> x;

    sum = a + x;

    cout << "the som of those numbers is" << sum << endl;
    return 0;


  21. #FF0000AnubisFace Avatar

    He helps me a lot on my computer science programing subscribe!

  22. Leon Kaczorowski Avatar

    you realy love bacon :/

  23. Wilfor83 Avatar

    oh boy bucky really loves bakon

  24. SnowAtNight Avatar

    it is another way like
    int a = 4;
    int b = 21;

    cout << a+b;

    u do not need the sum variable if u want 🙂 but still Buckys Way is nice

  25. Vic Da Avatar

    thank you, your videos are so helpful, keep it up!!!

  26. Air Mughal Avatar

    Pretty Cool Dear Sir Bucky……………JUST_EXCELLENT_WORK

  27. Linkin Pаrk Avatar

    so i got stuck at strings those while if's and i got comfused, since with python you can do the same stuff and its even easier, but here its longer code and same result, so im looking for advanced stuff to see if it actually gets more complicated later on, and if i can do more with C++, btw i am also looking forward to learn java so if anyone has a good idea where i can learn java from, pls reply

  28. David Svendsen Avatar

    i love you man 🙂 ty for all vids

  29. marina araceli Avatar

    Superman without a cape, is that you???!

  30. Austen Moran Avatar

    i find it funny how over a million people already gave up xD
    thanks for these im really enjoying it already!

  31. jay B Avatar

    Your tutorial is awesome. I must say this is the best tutorial ive for c++.

  32. Varinius Aurelius Avatar

    6 is easy to type……

  33. Syed Saifuddin Avatar

    So what happens to int and int b if the value of sum is changed

  34. Cezar Akkaya Avatar

    "Pretty cool,huh?"

  35. Rishabh  Pincha Avatar

    why inverted comma are not required in sum?

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