Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 40 – sizeof

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23 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 40 – sizeof”

  1. Hovhannes Vardanyan Avatar

    How can I see the execution time in my C++ program, like he does?

  2. Abegaming2010 Avatar

    It's amazing how simple and easy to understand you make it! Great job man!

  3. Henry Kissinger Avatar

    double x[99][99][99][99][99][99][99];

  4. Muhammad Nouman Avatar

    from pointers to sizeof then to pointers again. Why?

  5. anti/HUMAN Designs Avatar

    "sizeof()" is not a function, it is an operator.

  6. AnteConfig Avatar

    wtf my doubles are only 4 bytes and I'm on a 64bit PC. I'm sure it's fine on my linux but still, how do I correct this?

    scratch that….. my doubles were ok…
    it's my unsigned long int they're supposed to be 8 but they're 4

  7. KJ KING Avatar

    lol everytime he says "bytes"

  8. UltraAnalisis Avatar

    on this tutorial we are going to kill ourselfs with a macdonals milkshake

  9. Divyam The Great Avatar

    I undestood everything. Thanks.

  10. Pradyumn Kejriwal Avatar

    What is the point of the sizeof() function

  11. Mayonnaise Avatar

    Last video: "Sorry guys but the next video we are going to be talking more about pointers, were not done with them yet!"
    This video: "Okay so were going to take a quick break from pointers"


  12. TANUJ VISHNOI Avatar

    Sir we are making a string variable. Eg:
    string na="";
    string na1="SIR";

    for both i am getting answer =8;
    What is the reason?

  13. Prince of Greater Somalia Avatar

    How have you made a series on c++ and not made a video on vectors

  14. VeldroN Avatar

    What is double ?Bucky didnt talk about it in any video.What is it used for ?

  15. Sourabh Bhat Avatar

    This way of finding the length of array inside another function doesn't work!!!
    Is there a way of finding length of an array passed to a function? I know that we normally pass the length explicitly.

    I got so excited when Bucky showed this method, but unfortunately it doesn't work for passed array to another function.

  16. Manny T Avatar

    WOAH !! thank you so much. I've been going about it the long way using a loop to count the number of elements in an array LOL !. Though I guess its not wrong, this method is way more easier.

  17. The Fremd Dinge Guy Avatar

    You received 4 for your integer because, all integers in a 32-bit computer are stored as 32 ones and zeros. Eight of those ones or zeros is a byte, and 32 divided by 8 is 4.

  18. amanuel2 Avatar

    "Im Mainly a programmer i dont need to worry about memory" – Bucky …. Bruh -.-

  19. Cole wasserman Avatar

    Random Question. What variable type is a string stored in and how do you test one in an if statement

  20. Siddharth B.V Avatar

    yup you should add a return (0) ; after the cout statement….which indicates that the main will return a 0 if there was no error.
    if there is any error it will throw some garbage value and you'll know that there is some error in the code.

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