Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 57 – Abstract Classes and Pure virtual Functions

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42 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 57 – Abstract Classes and Pure virtual Functions”

  1. Ragnar W. Eliansson Avatar

    Be sure have a the brackets behind enemy lines.

  2. Benjamin Doris Avatar

    I have a quick question! If the pure virtual function does nothing, what's the point of making that function in a bass class?
    You could just do ninja n; n.attack() and monster m; m.attack() or something instead of creating an Enemy object and calls those functions using that, which saves more lines??

  3. katerina dimova Avatar

    Bucky you're a legend !

  4. ednakazuya12 Avatar

    In this situation is it recommended to do a separate class?

  5. Silver Reyes Avatar

    you can't and should not instantiate an abstract base class

  6. jambexuk Avatar

    By the way, you can't instantiate an abstract class. Also, there are no virtual constructors. Just tried both, didn't work.

  7. Spudly Avatar

    Each time he hpovered over the p in mponsters I thpought he had it!

  8. Project Hu148 Avatar

    the difference between Buckys and most professor in elite universities is, he actually wants to help you. his trademark isn't knowing c++ as much as it is his sincerity, hats off to you sir.

  9. Boss6201 Avatar

    pretty cool huh?

  10. Gomitak Productions Avatar

    Bucky you are a fucking GOD

  11. K W Avatar

    So basically a pure virtual function is equivalent to not writing a function at all. At least based on this example, all I can think of the use of an abstract class or pure virtual function is that it is just there so when programmers write a derived class, they know they have to write a function of the same type as the pure virtual function.

  12. Majed Alghanmi Avatar

    youre a legend
    youre a legend
    youre a legend
    youre a legend
    youre a legend
    youre a legend

  13. Zhi Qiang Avatar

    What about the difference of abstract class from interface class?

  14. winston acoustic studio Avatar

    VertoStudio 3D's C++ tutorial has better demonstration in my view.

  15. kenneth 92 Avatar

    public enemy that's the name of a movie.

  16. David Oats Avatar

    Abstract classes are basically interfaces like Java interfaces.

  17. shradha jaiswal Avatar

    thank u so much Bucky….u r just amazing….Ur videos actually help me to keep on studying computer science….all doubts a just cleared with Ur help…thank u so much…:-D

  18. ziad hassan Avatar

    I actually enjoyed the Polymorphism videos more than any thing ^_^

  19. Pragma Avatar

    forsome reasons it worked in visual studio '15 when we delete 4:44 this part of code ?

  20. Christopher Anemopoulos Avatar

    Is that whole concept like overide in Java ? Do I implement that right ?

  21. Patrick Mao Avatar

    good job on the teaching!! really love your vids and helped me a lot.
    It kills me to see that type "mponster" tho..

  22. Marwa Alnahdi Avatar

    maaan I looooovvveee u

  23. Mehrnaz Zhian Avatar

    Amazing.Simple and understandable. Thank you

  24. Ankit Shrivastava Avatar

    make it simle dont use pointers next time..

  25. Batman Avatar

    regular virtual function are better than pure virtual function I guess cuz like really what is the use of overwriting a function

  26. muffinspuffinsEE Avatar

    Your voice is perfect in 1.25 for people in a hurry 🙂 😀

  27. Bs W Avatar

    pretty easy huh XD

  28. warrior100girl Avatar

    thx you have a sub

  29. Mark Howe Avatar

    WOOOHOOOOO SUPER AWESOME VIDEO>>>>..well explained and thankyou

  30. Gauss Niwre Avatar

    Man C++ is ugly!!

  31. Renato Lopes Avatar

    Only 15 tutorials left guys

    the end is near


  32. Asare-Danwkah Samuel Avatar

    how do i prevent a base class from subsequently overidden.

  33. Asare-Danwkah Samuel Avatar

    How do i prevent a parent class from being inherited

  34. Gil Cohen Avatar

    what happen if the return type is INT, can it be pute virtual methods?

  35. gabirodriguez1000 Avatar

    bruh.. your are absolutely great!

  36. Hobbes Avatar

    But I wanted another clam =/

  37. Roshan Kotian Avatar

    Hey Bucky, Which compiler do you use?

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