Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 58 – function Templates

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40 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 58 – function Templates”

  1. insanecbrotha Avatar

    you are so funny! <3

  2. Jose Gonzalez Avatar

    6:05 The moment when you are teaching someone a lesson, but you realized the lesson you're trying to tell is actually upside down.

  3. Satou Tatsuhiro Avatar

    dude you have advanced entertainment skills, Go ranked game pls ;D .

  4. JovIL Avatar

    omg my teacher could not explain this to me as he did. Keep up the good work

  5. IgnitionDJ Avatar


  6. AnteConfig Avatar

    "See that's what you guys get when you buy a new keyboard and all the keys are all over the place, I'm sorry this is like a keyboard… oh wait a minute! Oh it was upside down. ok it's fine now"

  7. Unknown Account Avatar

    Is this the same a void * functionName (Generic Pointer)

  8. gtakros Avatar

    I prefer to type it as "template <typename Ashley>" as I may get confused if I type 'class' 🙂

  9. Uliana Zlotnik Avatar

    thank you!! love your simple explanations!

  10. Boss6201 Avatar

    pretty cool huh?

  11. K W Avatar

    Imagine how much time would be saved if most professors/TAs are anywhere close to giving this good of an intro, then most of our time would be spend playing around with the codes, instead of beating ourselves up trying to understand what the fuck is the purpose of a template.

  12. Patel Ujjval Rajeshbhai Avatar

    I have one doubt, what if I assign Bucky as int ,just as you did;and then I call another function "multiplycrap" working with double.
    I am unable to do so, compiler argues bucky was not declared in this scope for second call ??
    plz anyone reply..

  13. Troy Morgan Avatar

    Why not use templates all of the time?

  14. FolksGames Avatar

    Exactly what I needed thanks!

  15. goldami1 Avatar


  16. Yeo Joon Park Avatar

    You use "You know" every other sentence.

    Holy crap.

  17. Flore Loriz Avatar

    1:51 So let's go ahead and build and run this and make sure we didn't get any errors and we get 50… hahahahahaha

  18. Seanohaha Avatar

    wait did u actually go take a keyboarding class?

  19. Archadiaes Avatar

    UGH! Stop throwing .

  20. Jose Gonzalez Avatar

    3:12 Yeah, and that way is by using the type, "auto".

  21. Sonu Yadav Avatar

    bucky is the coolest teacher ever

  22. Daedric Shinu v2.0 Avatar

    Hoe does the compiler know how much memory to allocate when using template data types?

  23. cherry chan Avatar

    Thank you Bucky, this is so useful. I was frustrating about this topic and when I google it, i just couldnt find a source that explains well. I own you one.

  24. Andrew ww Avatar

    Bucky is basically my savior

  25. Vishal Menon Avatar

    works beautifeel ^_^

  26. Omar Moodie Avatar

    "Oh it was upside down"

    Facepalms REALLY BUCKY? REALLY? Lmao

  27. Arun S R Avatar

    shouldn't i get 'c' as output if i pass char 'a' and 'b' as parameter? 😛 no seriously. why not char?

  28. Jason Tiller Avatar

    Thanks Bucky!  I know this stuff takes time, so it's cool that you're doing this. Just a few things: 1. Bill Gates doesn't run Microsoft any more. 2. The compiler instantiates a new copy of addCrap for each time it's called with a different argument type. There is no polymorphism going on – templates are purely a compile-time facility.3. You can indeed add chars and strings together – anything that supplies an operator+ and a copy constructor will as addCrap arguments or any built-in type that supports addition will work.

  29. William G. Lewis Avatar

    what compiler is being used? I'm new to C++ and don't know what compilers are most accessible to new coders

  30. Nisil Lamsal Avatar

    wow.. very good help

  31. Avarus Surava Avatar

    Thanks for the tuto but I got a question for anyone reading this, if the template function gives us such an advantage of not having to define a function type, why are functions still relevant then ?

  32. xXGamerWormXx Avatar

    You could even use the add() function and pass in objects that use operator overloading.

  33. Michael Knox Avatar

    Excellent as always..

  34. VersusDec Avatar

    Liked on 43 second for addCrap :DDD

  35. BansheeBomb Avatar

    wow unbelievable!

  36. TheFluffiePenguin Avatar

    Did anyone hear that weird breathing around the part where he said the keyboard was turned around?

  37. Chenxuan Cui Avatar

    Great tutorials! but it would be great if this video is followed by video 30 (function overload).

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