Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 9 – Functions

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31 responses to “Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials – 9 – Functions”

  1. Noah Fowler Avatar

    Im using functions below the main function and Visual Studios fine with it, but should is this bad practice because some compiles will throw errors?

  2. TumbleGamer Avatar

    can you use lambda expressions in c++ to store functions in variables like you can in c#.

  3. Neil Solanki Avatar

    function prototype is the same thing as function declaration btw 7:35

  4. MsAmedina1 Avatar

    Thanks so much for these videos. I am understanding more from your videos than I do from my professor so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  5. Justin Hightower Avatar

    "ooo I am text on the screen"

    is that what women sound like? X-D

  6. Devin Duffield Avatar

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    void printSomething();

    int main()
    return 0;
    void printSomthing(){
    cout << "SOmething" << endl;
    I get a eror messege on line 9 which is the printSomething(); in the main it looks exactly the same as yours abut yet still an error mssagee not sure what i am doing wrong here lol

  7. Gregg Anaya Avatar

    Awesome job! I've learn more in one week then my whole last semester. Thanks Bucky!!

  8. 142857 yo Avatar

    why put a int before main ? Main uses that function and only print some words. Why don't we put a void before main

  9. MJ Sanchez Avatar

    You had to declare that function printSomething three times.

  10. Sadhu Baba Avatar

    I will donate my first paycheck as a programmer to the charity of your choice. Thank You !

  11. coco Avatar

    bucky is much more OP than my school

  12. Grant Naude Avatar

    Awesome video thanks Bucky

  13. Vonzaku Avatar

    Do you men return type or data type?

  14. Rajan Baliwal Avatar

    to use a function we need to invoke it if main is a function then why are we not invoking it but still its working

  15. Andrew Cox Avatar

    Nightmares on Wax in background for easy listening

  16. Unknown Account Avatar

    Ive been going through this videos so fucking fast. It's like im just doing C with driffent Syntax

  17. Visalbotr Chan Avatar

    This is awesome !!! Thank you.

  18. Mou na Avatar

    I don't know why does every thing accept the function works :'( could any one tell me why ???? It doesn't even pop any error message !

  19. Mou na Avatar

    I am I the only one to press the like button befor watching ?? :p

  20. Moe A Avatar

    wow my teacher had to explain what you just explained in 9 minutes in FOUR HOURS fml

  21. Navpreet Singh Kang Avatar

    easy to learn
    Simple indeed and straight to the point
    Thanks BUCKY, you are better than my teacher..

  22. Harsath Bill Gates Avatar

    why we want to use it in Int main()??
    without using it in int main() we cant do print it?

  23. Markos De Caprios Avatar

    1 Question about prototyping, does it use less or more memory than placing the function before the main? If it is equal then my question may be void but i would like to know.

  24. PriceDown Avatar

    ooo I am text int he comments

  25. haseeb ahmad Avatar

    "The job of a function is to do smth" thnx for letting us know fella we didn't know that 😛

  26. Samuel Kang Avatar

    What program are u programming on? is it eclipse? thnx!!

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