Build a Real-world App with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2

Learn to build a real-world app with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2. If you’re familiar with MVC5 and want to quickly learn about ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core in a quick and pragmatic way in the context of a real-world web app, this course is for you.

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00:00 Course Announcement
02:29 Introduction
04:13 Scope
09:43 Prerequisites
10:57 Application Requirements
13:17 Setting Up the Development Environment
19:02 Setting Up SQL Server on macOS / Linux
28:28 Creating a New Project
32:39 Project Structure
37:33 Application Startup
44:35 Environments
49:30 .NET Watch
52:20 Debugging in VSCode
54:31 Working with Git
55:37 Use Cases






48 responses to “Build a Real-world App with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2”

  1. Franco Morales Avatar

    Hi ! Its a great video! thanks x shared! Do you have any course with you use angular + mvc (not core)?? I'm building a application and I miss angular CLI for create components and deployment :/ I use VS2017, Do you have any sugest or course for this?? You are my teacher in Udemy, You helped me a lot, thanks!

  2. Dgital Assistant Avatar

    I think you made this video for Linux/mac users ,waste of time

  3. Tim Veldhuizen Avatar

    In case anyone is having issues with the navigation menu not opening when clicking on the navigation button. It seems that a reference to the bootstrap javascript is not added automatically by the code that the aspnetcore-spa generator prepared. For me, it finally worked after I added import 'bootstrap'; to the beginning of /ClientApp/boot-client.ts. If that doesn't do it for you, perhaps something else in the configuration was messed up. Perhaps you can try it with a new project.

  4. John Roberts Avatar

    Really good contents. Thanks

  5. Андрей Ледвач Avatar

    Hi Mosh! Thank you for helpful courses!)

  6. brian jumaquio Avatar

    Your videos are awesome Mosh! I hope you teach us how to implement Identity with Angular instead of Auth0. I've seen some tutorials about it but still vague. I know that you can explain complex concepts really well in simple words.

  7. José Cuenca Avatar

    There is any chance of putting subtitles in udemy? It is more practical for me to understand with subtitles.

  8. TXSHGRXY Avatar

    Curious about why you chose vscode over visual studio 2017. Why MAC? What are the benefits? I'm a new developer and I'm just wondering the benefits of using a MAC over a Microsoft PC.

  9. Jack Weldon Avatar

    Great video, explaining what stuff is for and not just do this then this.

  10. Dhaval Patel Avatar

    Hi moosh .. i like too much ur videos and ur teaching style but i want one that pls share one video which has aspcore and angular 2 with client side and admin side both app. I am trying but I didn't find single blog or video to guide me how can i build client and admin both side app in one project beacause my site have totally different design both side

  11. Edgar R Avatar

    Thank you for your excellent courses!. I have a question…Is reliable Asp.Net Core / EntityFramework Core to build professional apps at this moment?

  12. suresh mathan Avatar

    Great Job Mosh, very informative and step by step approach.

  13. Ehsan Mohsenpourian Avatar

    hi mosh

    i have many years of programming in microsoft platforms like "windows forms"," webforms", " mvc" , and now " core" with "entity frame work core" and etc…

    In these years we were familiar with the concepts of software architecture are mainly influenced by microsofts point of view.( design patterns…)
    But with the advent of new technologies and frameworks such as Angular that has caused front-end layers(tier) are fully separated from backend,
    i see that with using front-end frameworks like angular, the MVC architecture is crumbling, because there is no view more needed in back-end!(M-?-C)
    with this senario you only need webapi as a service and
    in this case i think that i dont need complex separation of concepts and design patterns like n-layer architecture and using fat orms like EF
    with complex dependencies and complex impelmantaion of unit of work, repository pattern and its generics and other headakes any more.

    i simply can use api for back-end and calling my stored procedures from database. in this case i think that even there is no need to and can use other platforms like nodejs,
    is it right way?

    I am concerned about respect the standards and design patterns.
    should i be looking for another design patterns? how is living in a world without MS conepts? is there soloution or practice?

  14. Arman Nagapetian Avatar

    Fucking Vs code all tutorials these days are in this stupid editor ; seriously what is wrong with visual studio ?
    do you really need this stupid console to do all for you while you got GUI in VS ? and indeed needed in VS you can use console too,

  15. nesfreak Avatar

    For windows type
    setx ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT "Development"
    reboot windows….

    Got stuck for 1h because of this ><

  16. Praveen K Avatar

    Mosh, you are one of the best authors I follow. Undoubtedly,this one is another best video shows HOW to combine and achieve Angular in Core but I was expecting a little introductory note in the video on WHY would combine both? What are the advantages of using angular with core? Why another server side UI framework or technology (.net CORE MVC) on top of Angualr (2+)? Wouldn’t it be sufficient to use .Net for rendering data (Webapi + Entity) and use plain html templates? (Why CSHTML’s?). I see lot of setup to play angular2 hand in hand with .net core, but I struck in the basics; why are we doing this? What would I miss if I do not combine angular2 with .net core? Is the additional over head of setting up angular in core is worth? What is the gain? Can you please clarify?

  17. Dhaval Patel Avatar

    Can u please share with us video where CRUD operation using yeoman aspcore and angular 2 project… pls

  18. Jonatas Viana Avatar

    Shouldn't you have started saying the prerequisites?! After 10 minutes of video I discovered that I don't have the prerequisites to the course, but I will try anyway, hahahaahah….

  19. Tanveer Akhtar Watto Avatar

    Hi Mosh, I have taken your basic courses, from Pakistan. I have no idea about angular 2, Can I start from this course or I have to make base on individual angular course first..
    And I really like your way of teaching and You are totally fabulous at teaching..

  20. Sunil Anthony Avatar

    Are you planning on doing any course on Aurelia and .net Core with EF Core?

  21. Houda Mezni Avatar

    PLZ can u make a video about ASP.NET MVC 5 and angular 2

  22. RG Edu Avatar

    Dear Mosh
    i wish that you create the following courses
    1 – Design Pattern Repository Pattern in depth.
    2 – Entity Framework Core in depth.
    3 – React.
    4 – Xamarin forms or WPF.

  23. T Cheng Avatar

    49:28 It should be at the account level, not machine.

  24. T Cheng Avatar

    43:51 The statement "This is the middleware (UseStaticFiles) every ASP.NET application needs" does not apply to API only applications.

    Furthermore, Angular front-end applications can be and, once they are beyond the one-person effort, are almost certainly developed outside the backend environment and no longer tightly integrated with the backend as the structure created by the ASP.NET utility. It's the so-called Loosely-Coupled System.

  25. T Cheng Avatar

    About running SQL Server docker image on Linux – I am following this tutorial using a Ubuntu virtual machine running on Windows 10. Is that even possible to run a docker image on a virtual machine?

  26. Melvin Sebastian Avatar

    Well Done Sir……..Thankkkkkkk Youuuuu so soooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………………………….

  27. SOORAJ. V Avatar

    Congratulations Mosh! You are just awesome… The way you teach is really full of good powerful energy. Wish you all the best

  28. Sooraj V Avatar

    Congratulations Mosh! You are just awesome… The way you teach is really full of good powerful energy. Wish you all the best

  29. CodeBit Avatar

    Why is everyone using Angular with ASP.NET? Is it really needed for ASP.NET stuff? It just adds so much bloat.

  30. olman mora Avatar

    Don't go to pluralsight, I hate so much pay for monthly subscriptions, At Udemy I only pay for I consume.

  31. Ehsan Mohsenpourian Avatar

    We have a confusion about the position of Angular2+ in multilayer software architecture with .net core,
    as you know recommended multilayer architectural design pattern has some layers like model/repository/service/presentation layers,
    in these architectures presentation layer is mvc app(model/view/controller), but it seems that with front-end frameworks like angular there is no need
    to mvc app in this layer or some things need to change.
    what is your idea?

  32. Ehsan Mohsenpourian Avatar

    سلام، شما فارسی بلدید؟

  33. Alexandre Archambault Avatar

    Challenge: Have you tried using Angular Material 2 within your project?

  34. Rafael Brugnollo Avatar

    Hey dude, tried to get the coupon for this course twice but didn't get it. What should I do?

  35. Jorge Reyes Avatar

    Great! I got some of your videos in Udemy and also studying from your videos in pluralsight. You are a great teacher !

  36. Anand Patil Avatar

    hi Mosh very new to the C# or DOT NET so please help me to learn DOT NET

  37. Aaron Koller Avatar

    Interesting. When downloading the SDK your video shows ver 1.1.1. However as of 3/28/2017, after the video was uploaded, ver 1.0.1 is available. It's not just a mistake on the website as the installer is also ver 1.0.1.

  38. Nader Khaled Avatar

    Amazing, you are the best instructor, i can't wait for your future videos.

  39. mohannad wello Avatar

    Hi Mosh , What about next lecture and is dotnet watch notify any changes in client side or just server side?

  40. Eric Malamisura Avatar

    So, when I follow this its missing a couple steps. When I try to run it in VSCode it says there is no launch.json defined, then when i tell it to use .NET Core it then says there is no task.json so i tell that to also use .NET Core but that didn't seem to work

  41. Karan Gupta Avatar

    thanks mosh. a video highlighting differences between core and MVC 5 would be awsome.

  42. Abraham Chahla Avatar

    Simply the best teacher i ever had! Pragmatic and easy to understand, with real world examples and always updated! As always…thank you Mosh!

  43. Petar Djordjevic Avatar

    I have learned programming at my faculty but I have never had such a teacher as Mosh. I simply do not have the words to describe what an eye opener your courses are. Everything is so clearly and easily explained. Thank you so much for using your knowledge in the right way – teaching others! I bet that all of us – your pupils, are 100% successful at your courses – and that is clearly a true gift of teaching! So excited to start this course.

  44. Victor Benavides Avatar

    Great courses Mosh, I have found Core tutorials and helpful information on the web kind of lacking, it is a very trial and error process so far for me, but I took 7 courses from you on Udemy and loved them all. Keep them coming, looking forward to this course!!!!

  45. Big Data Avatar

    Hi Mosh

    I have a question i hope you have a solution for that.

    On my workstation I have developed a WinForm application. With panels, buttons and dropdowns.

    After that I applied the application to my laptop.

    On my laptop the presentation of the application was not correct. The elements overlap and the buttons are warped.

    Can you tell me how to handle this?

    I apologize for my english. This text was written with Google translator.

  46. Rock and Roll Rebellion Avatar

    I'm the only one who has had problems I guess. When doing dotnet restore All references are looking for AspNetCore files in github that don't exist.

    C:Program Filesdotnetsdk1.0.1NuGet.targets(97,5): error : Failed to retrieve information about 'Microsoft.AspNetCore' from remote source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore''.r [C:UsersxDocumentsVisual Studio Core 1MoshTest4MoshTest4.csproj]

    Restoring packages for C:UsersNickDocumentsVisual Studio Core 1MoshTest4MoshTest4.csproj…
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore''.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore''.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics''.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics''.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting''.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).
    Retrying 'FindPackagesByIdAsyncCore' for source ''Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting''.

  47. DestinationDub Avatar

    I'm looking forward to this course more than GoT S7..
    Keep 'em coming Mighty Mosh!!

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