Build Nike Ecommerce Store – UIPageViewController, UIContainerView Tutorial – iOS Development


In this episode, we’ll talk about how to set up UIPageViewController to create a image carousel effect.

You can use the same technique to create walkthrough screens or use it to display multiple images in your app.

You’ll learn:
+ How to set up UIContainerView
+ How to embed UIPageViewController in UIContainerView
+ How to set up UIPageViewController
+ Configure PageControl


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23 responses to “Build Nike Ecommerce Store – UIPageViewController, UIContainerView Tutorial – iOS Development”

  1. Arifin Firdaus Avatar

    Thanks for the Tutorial, +Duc Tran! it's really clear. But in my case I have a CollectionView. at 7:20, you easly drag and drop a UIView into the TableView and resize it's height (I've tried too). But if I user CollectionView, the UIView is also inside the CollectionView, but in the Storyboard it become the background of the CollectionView. So is that possible to drag and drop UIView into the CollectionView properly? Thanks man.

  2. Ringo Lin Avatar

    I haven't used the container view before.
    Why not use the collectionView, make the image on the UIcollectionView cell and the collectionView is the header view of the tableView? Also, put the UIPageControl on the collectionView cell.

  3. SOFYSoOo Avatar

    Why do you prefer to use table views instead of scroll views ?

  4. Ali Alali Avatar

    where can I find the source code,

  5. Adam El-Kadi Avatar

    Duc can you pleases finish the app and add how to add and remove stuff from the cart

  6. Adam El-Kadi Avatar

    YESSSSS, you save my life, Tran, you are truly the BEST DUDE. Thank you and best of wishes.

  7. mike the cike hi Avatar

    this helped me so much with my app

  8. Ahmeeya Goldman Avatar

    Hi, are you going to show how to connect the products to stripe and retrieve cart data?

  9. iMezma Avatar

    No.1 iOS Teacher I've Ever Come Across.

  10. AE Shaw Avatar

    why do I have 13 error message 30 min into the course?

  11. Luis Ramirez Avatar

    Hey can anyone help me understand the part when he checks for the direction at 33:05. I used a print statement inside but it never gets called so I don't know what it does. Thanks for the great tutorial 🙂

  12. Muhammad masood Avatar

    on your provided link on your website only video tutorial .. I Didn't find download source option ..please guide

  13. Tien Tran Avatar

    since this video, i understood what the delegate do =))

  14. Daniel Wennberg Avatar

    wow Duc keep it up, proud of you!

  15. Simran Aurora Avatar

    your tutorials are good but could you please create everything from scratch that would be very helpful.
    these tutorials are also great too

  16. Jaharee Jenkins Avatar

    I love this 1 even more than the Instagram newsfeed Duc Tran you are the best and explain it better then most I actually learned more with your videos then I did in coding boot camp just wanted to say thank you and give you a shoutout

  17. Michael Thomas Avatar

    Hey Duc I like what you're doing here with the screen behind you, nice production. I'd love to collab with you on my web dev channel, I'm sure my subscribers would be interested in hearing your story.

  18. CPG Avatar

    Will the Socialize your App course actually teach how to set up a working "related products" module? Or are those hardcoded in the course?

  19. 56pavilion Avatar

    Hey can you do a video on creating a video chat app? I haven't been able to find any starting point.

  20. Lets Build That App Avatar

    Good stuff, I didn't know about the container view in Storyboards. It's been too long.

  21. play365alltime Avatar

    Awesome video as always. Very clear structure. Is it possible to talk about how to create the shop and use Stripe API?

  22. Shankar Kumar Avatar

    this was awesome Duc thanks for the video ….

  23. Sebastien Montibeller Avatar

    When will you make it available in the course ? It says the 4th of April ?

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