C# Beginners Tutorial – 161 – Project 3 Hang Man, Making the Labels pt 2

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13 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 161 – Project 3 Hang Man, Making the Labels pt 2”


    Instead of '10' in labels location just replace it by '(between/2)' it looks good.

  2. GoHongKong2 Avatar

    For those people who are wondering why their "_"s were not appearing during debugging, you must add one more line to the code which Adam has not shown in the recording.
    Place the code below into 'private void Form1_Shown(object sender, EventArgs e)'

  3. Thiago Campos Avatar

    Hello there, nice vids btw! 
    I have followed every video but my underscores aren't showing up, actually only one does. Instead of getting the words from the website I created my own array of words and the rest I did almost exactly as you did. Do you know what's wrong? Please help!

  4. Sarahi Nieves Avatar

    Well… didn't work, despite having it all neat and all…

  5. Alex Johnson Avatar

    Can I have the source for any odd reason the "_" are not working yes I did re-watch and recode the whole thing.

  6. Charles Paroissien Avatar

    The reason the labels don't show up is cause Adam forgot to say that he added "MakeLabels();" in "Form1_Shown", he often does that forgive him

  7. PeterPanHu1 Avatar

    Thank you for the help. Much appreciated 🙂

  8. Philipp Geyer Avatar

    Same Problem here! Can someone fix it? 🙂

  9. GeorgeNorberg Avatar

    Hello, I have this problem you see.
    When adding a new label with "Add"
    my under scores doesn't show..
    Some1 who can solve this?

  10. rokfortuna Avatar

    I have a problem with this step. I've done exactly as shown in the video, but instead of web client, I used streamreader. Now that i want to create labels, label.createcontrol just doesnt work. I do exactly as it is shown here, but when i debug, no labels are there. I've tried with groupbox2.control.add(label [i]) but that doesn't seem to work either.
    I really need help, and I would appreciate it in any form.

  11. Anton Gånheim Avatar

    Don't worry I fixed the problem. Great vids

  12. Anton Gånheim Avatar

    I don't know you'll respond on this one but last time you randomized a word you wrote this
    in your command funktion or whatever. void DrawHangPost but I can't see the lines of the random in the labels thingy. I wrote every code to the letter but nothing works. Please help
    Greate videos though. Thanks alot

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