C# Beginners Tutorial – 56 – FolderBrowserDialog

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13 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 56 – FolderBrowserDialog”

  1. Elfezen Avatar

    The letters are so damn small can't see anything withought getting very close to the screen

  2. PezDeGoma Avatar

    in the first build test of the vídeo my program stays loading, why?

  3. t00lman87 Avatar

    Great tut thanks man!

  4. Maxim Mendelson Avatar

    very useful, thanks 😉

  5. kid86 Avatar

    how about if you wanna set the root folder to a network path?

  6. CaptainAndrewWiggins Avatar

    nice tutorial! How would utilise the folder path after the click button event has run?

  7. BGFutureBG Avatar

    thanks a lot man!
    there is also the option "shownewfolderbutton" which is very nice cause you can disable that button if you want the user to select a existing directory 😉

  8. Zeeshan Khan Avatar

    You explained well how to use this control. Although personally I don't like the control itself.
    For others also who dislike FolderBrowserDialog, you can try Ooki Dialogs.

  9. 8bitslime Avatar

    Get a life newb.

  10. Anarchy Avatar

    @ItsXboss I agree. If I didnt have any experience in other languages I would've probably not understand it either and I would've probably struggled to continue. What part you dont understand though?

  11. MrJustasR Avatar

    @OSSIELOOKS It's freaking 3 min.

  12. OSSIELOOKS Avatar

    this is a good tuitorial, thanks alot, though the quality of the video and sound is so poor, I couldnt finish watching it

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