C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Introduction

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44 responses to “C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Introduction”

  1. Xerdon Avatar

    Just passed my exam.Thanks boyo.

  2. hemil patel Avatar

    why do not show c graphics

  3. Rojan Shrestha Avatar

    how to download java script?

  4. Jerry Wayne Talley Avatar

    I wanted to watch all the programming tutorials but could not read any of it on any magnification setting.

  5. ViditGames Avatar

    "watch it in 1080p" highest is 720p. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  6. Tyler Raymond Avatar

    I downloaded codeblocks , webroot says its malware

  7. Tushar Gawai Avatar

    how to download the tutorials?

  8. Sharath Reddy Avatar

    hey bucky… i cant hear the sound of this tutorials on my pc… i have checked for other videos it is ok… but, icant hear for this videos… can u help me…

  9. McAnthony Teikatapu Avatar

    Hi Backy, i do some coding and when i compile and run it, it crashes. is there any solution on how to get over it?? thank. and for the record, i love this tutorials..

  10. TeaDennis25 Avatar

    I subscribed. I know I am the odd ball out. I can learn a lot from you!!!!!!

  11. Mukul Raj Avatar

    great work busy ,nicely done

  12. samar singh Avatar

    1080p not available

  13. itmoin2012 drive Avatar

    Sound or my EAR has some fault. Hey i can see just.

  14. Guruprasad Pulivendala Avatar

    can we hack roblox using this

  15. Nic Long Avatar

    Hey all, im very new to coding and such, the only language im some what fluent in is batch, and i'm wondering which language is good "next step". I thought c, since i've heard it helps you to learn the other with less difficulty, but I was wondering what all of you thought!

  16. Talon Huang Avatar

    Why it says " Can't Find Compiler Executable In Your Configured Search Path?" even I downloaded "mingw" and it does have GNU compiler involved in the folder?

  17. Kostas Dantsakis Avatar

    i watched your 15 video playlist of c tutorials , i learned functions. About this tutorial why didnt u use dev-c++?

  18. Keun Suk Avatar

    Is it better to learn stuff here or on other websites like coursera. these videos are like really great but we wont get any certificate or something after learning from here..

  19. appleman 360 Avatar

    Thanks for helping me become the next bill gates!

  20. Jacob H. Nicolajsen Avatar

    Splendid videos it really learned me a lot..!
    Your desktop time says 6:20….?!?!? Maybe you can teach me to get up eraly aswell?

  21. Sampad Nayak Avatar

    i tried to run programme but it shows compiler is already in use aborting session how to solve it

  22. xXEcksDee69Xx Avatar

    is c similar to c#, in which i already know

  23. LEE ASTER Avatar

    I already take the course IT. Worry, because math is not good==;

  24. arun boddu Avatar

    we are lucky to have bucky

  25. arun boddu Avatar

    I think God doesnt know how to learn C, so he created you.

  26. Bharath Choudhary Avatar

    sir I facing a problem in codeblock
    division.exe has stopped working

  27. god of war : Avatar

    is there any difference between c and c# pls tell me

  28. swapna Lonare Avatar

    dude you are awesomeee…thank you for all these amazing videos…keep uploading & i will keep learning.. 🙂 🙂

  29. Kaveen Journey Avatar

    visited the webpage to download the program but it quoted "Code::Blocks 16.01 for Mac is currently not available due to the lack of Mac developers, or developers that own a Mac. We could use an extra Mac developer (or two) to work on Mac compatibility issues."

    Is there something else that i could do work this on my mac

  30. Aditya Choudhary Avatar

    sir…can you please tell me….which programming should i learn 1st….i've just passed 12th…now will be studying engineering in Electronics And Communication……so ill have to make robots n all other stufff……please sir guide me

  31. Sagar Pun Avatar

    I am interested in gaming. Which should I learn C family or Java?

  32. Enderelfs Avatar

    im hoping to learn this before Highschool so I can ace the class XD

  33. Donald Trump Avatar

    can you use c programing code inside a html or python, in other words make a c program in a website

  34. Andrei Avatar

    Can i do all this on linux?

  35. shrinjoy biswas Avatar

    redtape only for winners gg

  36. Space Guy 1462 Avatar

    I just wanna know whether your videos will help me learning the skills of a software engineer?

  37. theacp127 Avatar

    I used RobotC to program robots. It was a pretty good variety of C.

  38. ying tang Avatar

    Hope I can learn a lot, Thank you.

  39. Shehwar Ali Avatar

    great videos, great effort ! highly appreciated !

  40. Kyle Guarco Avatar

    I like C# more, because C and C++ are too verbose for me.

    THOUGH, I needed a recap on C for a small project i'm working on, so I enjoy them alot.

  41. rahul kumar Avatar

    hi…can u plz upload the video on graphical user interface using c language……

  42. kisaamo Mwebaza Joshua Avatar

    BuckyRoberts Thanks for your Tutorials. C Programming has become easier

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