C Programming Tutorial – 13 – Cats Love Bagels

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40 responses to “C Programming Tutorial – 13 – Cats Love Bagels”

  1. Travis Alsup Avatar

    hey any chance i could find a study partner that is also watching these tutorials??

  2. Han Maulid Avatar

    dude you are the bomb! good work

  3. Harry Prabowo Avatar

    i can see you have safely concluded that (derived from the given facts from the recount) your neighbor won't be learning C programming from Youtube anytime soon.

  4. Omega Avatar

    "Alright guys"
    – Bucky, 2014

  5. veena kumari Avatar

    bagel means…………

  6. Jacob Legler Avatar

    I have never seen a channel as informative yet entertaining as this.

  7. Dingly Do Avatar

    "Bagels and other types of breads are safe for your cat. So yes, it is okay to feed them with these. However, just like feeding them with other kinds of foods, it should still be kept in moderation. Overfeeding may cause digestive problems like stomach pain and constipation."

  8. KungFu Kenny Avatar


    the best food is tuna,right?

  9. nazgol001 Avatar

    Give the Cat food !! he has no one to feed it !!!

  10. Mad Geeks Avatar

    the reason why you have a girlfriend dude lol

  11. Muttaki Khan Avatar

    Dude, that's some cat you got xD

  12. Paopazas Lephere Avatar

    "Over rule the rules of maths" … I don't know what kind of math you studied…

  13. Hamza Salah Avatar

    I don't how to like this post… AGAIN! cause it's awesome, especially the cat story haha :v

  14. retardiran87 Avatar

    hahah thumbs up for the bagel story 😀

  15. vicky manhotra Avatar

    hey man i had fun with some good understanding of c programming lanuage. at first i want to say is that before starting to learn this language i thought that c programming is tough to understand .but now i having hope to do good in c programming language. very thanks for this fortitude tutuorial . keep it up go on

  16. Jamaican byrd Avatar

    bucky mad me subscribe

  17. Jamaican byrd Avatar

    lol that is one hungry cat, keep up the good work buckmiester!

  18. Djamel Arab Avatar

    hhhhh oww man u are the best

  19. Mihai Stoian Avatar

    You are so great man!!

  20. gdkksg Avatar

    why cant cat eat bagel??

  21. Mauricio Dávalos Avatar

    This guy is awesome…

  22. harmonic spice Avatar

    please can anybody remind me how to type a char variable because every time I use them the app crashes

  23. karma tenzin Avatar

    Learning a lot from you!!!

  24. xoundful Avatar

    cats also eat dorritos

  25. nicholas ladefoged Avatar

    gotta say.. i love your way of doing things ! xD so random how you tell a story about what happend today in your life :p so refreshing. keep it up

  26. Umar Mohamed Avatar

    The cat is a 'cracker' 😀

  27. jorgen T Avatar

    Cats are sooooo cuuuuuttteeee, my cat always tries to eat my breakfast, especially when I'm having bagels for breakfast.

  28. Don M Avatar


  29. Ranadheer reddy Avatar

    Gr8 tutorials…btw you're hilarious lvd dat cat story

  30. Durvesh Korgaonkar Avatar

    Simple rule of math: 1:56
    BODMAS is the order of an equation.

  31. João Francisco Afonso Avatar

    That story got me subscribed… This tutorials are saving me from all my university projects. Thanks man!

  32. woll757 Avatar

    BUCKY IS THE MAN. Tell that cat to get out of your yard, also emma sounds loopy, you should check her out she needs some debugging. Great story btw, best teacher on the youtubs.

  33. TednTin Avatar

    i like to hear stories along with the tutorials, awesome tutor ever

  34. Aman Rustagi Avatar

    Thanks .. nive video as usual.
    Not every operator in C is of same precedence, some operators are of higher priority than others; for example increment operator(++) is of higher precedence than addition operator(+). 


  35. Tiaan Smal Avatar

    You sir, deserve more views

  36. sniper02578 Avatar

    You remind me of my professor.
    He teaches me C.
    Aaand he talks about cats!

    BTW: I love these videos! Great for final preperation (y)

  37. Akalion Avatar

    1:05 No one who's older than 8 is thinking that…

  38. Oli Avatar

    BODMAS or BIDMAS, same thing. Just replace orders for indices

  39. Rayhan Mahmud Avatar

    sad story…..! um crying 😛
    btw awesome tutorial again.

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