C++ Programming Tutorial – 13 – Store Text in an Array

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30 responses to “C++ Programming Tutorial – 13 – Store Text in an Array”

  1. Darren Cohen Avatar

    What playlist is this a part of? Because on the New Boston channel there seems to be only 3 C++ playlists, and none of them has this video in it.

  2. Crazy Stuff Avatar

    can you please tell me that how can I input char string in 2D array


    thank you so much so good tutorial

  4. Samaresh Maity Avatar

    Why didn't it ask the sport , it asked only name

  5. Brian Moya Avatar

    3:16 Wait are you homophobic ,why dont you like gay jokes

  6. Henda Avatar

    what does the word "character" really mean? Is 123456789123 means 12 character? Thank you.

  7. Zeeshan Ali Avatar

    compiler got u bucky 😀 😀

  8. MP Avatar

    So when he enters more than 20 characters the program does the cout and stops? Why does it skip/ not let you enter the char for sport?

  9. jordan wang Avatar

    Just noticed that this "getline" trick only works for type "char" strings, how am I suppose to do the same with type "int" strings?

  10. Slim Kennedy Avatar

    is the cin.getline() written the same way in dev c ++?

  11. Hussein Bayoun Avatar

    hahaha awesome joke buddy! also thanks for the tutorial

  12. Andrew ww Avatar

    i like jokes in tutorials 😀

  13. drtetra Avatar

    i learned from you buddy now im programming good

  14. sicktoaster Avatar

    I notice that when you use strlen with user input if you put in the number you declare for the array it will say there are that number – 1 characters instead of the actual amount. Why is this? In my case I put the limit at 40 characters but if I type in 40 characters it says there are 39.

    EDIT: I notice that if I have the array at 40 but have cin.get(sentence, 41) then it will appropriately show that I have typed in 40 characters. So is the reason that the number in cin.get starts at 1 rather than 0, and then the last part has to be the /0 value? Then if you wanted to make sure the number in cin.get agrees with the number in the array you'd have to make it one more.

    EDIT: I also notice the same effect in your video. The 20th character is "e" in the word "the" but it cuts that off.

  15. Turtle Girl Avatar

    it cuts off at 19 in this case because of the null terminating character

  16. Nicole Mutima Avatar

    is space a countable char??

  17. Ahmed Hadi Avatar

    nice joke lololololol

  18. karar sabih Avatar

    Hi , how to convert a matrix to a vector ???

  19. DangerTeenager Avatar

    What if i wanted to write football instead? 😛

  20. Ruttna Samhället Avatar

    Nice video. Can I use cin.getline() when reading from an ifstream? I have a text file that has the following structure:


    I want to store the author and title in separate arrays.

  21. thecrum69 Avatar

    bahahahaha 0:54 literally a daily conversation at work

  22. DaPhenomAce Avatar

    What if the user inputs multiples variables in a loop and you want to store that info then output it?

  23. Gil Sh Avatar

    Dude..you have progremar jokes! that sucks!

  24. Marcos F. Molina Avatar

    Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanovsky <— every russian name EVER.

  25. Raelon White Avatar

    What program are you using to make your C++ programs?

  26. MajorTom1313 Avatar

    it's an ingenious ideas idea! i don't know what you are talking about. millions!!

  27. Marlon Constance Avatar

    how do i copy contents from one arra to another

  28. Razuu Avatar

    Damnit Bucky…

  29. Rustman Avatar

    string name;
        string sport;

        cout<<"Type name: ";
        cout<<"Type sport ";

        cout<<" loves ";

    why dont just do it like this ?

  30. Allie Barnett Avatar

    When you were showing what happens if you enter more than 20 characters, why did it cut off and not allow you to enter a sport on the next line?

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