C Programming Tutorial – 2 – Setting Up Code Blocks

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33 responses to “C Programming Tutorial – 2 – Setting Up Code Blocks”

  1. kavya nayaker Avatar

    ur website??????????????

  2. Muhammad Usman Avatar

    m using window 8 core i3
    its giving me the error that cant find a compiler excuetable with intel???/ my C program is not compiling

  3. kabir hossain Avatar


  4. TheFefiiiii Avatar

    ok i need fuckin help. am going crazy right now. my whole managment tab was somehow removed and i don't know how to get it back, please anybody

  5. Sponzor Avatar

    why did u post this 3 days after u made it

  6. kailash rajpurohit Avatar

    how to alter font size after installing Code block on Macbook Air. Code block crashes Everytime time try to change font size using the editor environment option in the menu of code block. Also I'm unable to find the path through library n change the size manually. please help.

  7. Anurag Shukla Avatar

    After Clicking which programming language to use , i clicked C and it showed on right bottom –
    cant find compiler executable in you configures search's path for GNU GCC Compiler

  8. Tanya Tanvi Avatar

    i wrote a c program on an empty project not console and it ran. i did something wrong?

  9. Ashish Sahay Avatar

    Hey Bucky in my system a message is popping out i.e can't find compiler,Please help me out i am in a big trouble i have tried my best to remove that error but i am unable to do it.

  10. Tanmay Bala Avatar

    very helpfull tutorials.thanks

  11. Darwin Oxwolf Avatar

    do you know how to set a nightly build ver in cb. If you do, please show us

  12. Death to all men Avatar

    "I'll give it to you guys for free", haven't heard that in a while.

  13. S2M fun Avatar

    sir when i am clicking on buil and run it says error "||=== Build: Debug in shivam (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler) ===|
    ||error: Aborted (program collect2)|
    ||=== Build failed: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) ===|"
    plz help me what to do

  14. John reid Avatar

    I'm on mac the code showed up but it won't run the hello world program. It says no such file or directory.

  15. Hà Chí Hào Avatar

    The compiler's setup (GNU GCC Compiler) is invalid, so Code::Blocks cannot find/run the compiler.
    Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly?! (Do you have a compiler installed?)
    Goto "Settings->Compiler…>Global compiler settings>GNU GCC Compiler->Toolchain executables" and fix the compiler's setup.
    Nothing to be done (all items are up-to-date).

    why i can't run program :(, help meeee

  16. Osama Amir Avatar

    hy bro I just wanted your tutorial .but when I press build and rum button it doesn't run and in logs others section is says
    nothing to be done (all items are up -to -date )

  17. Dukenukem155 Avatar

    Code::Blocks stuck on splash screen and im using Windows 10 lol, i'll let this pc sit for an hour and see what happens

  18. ying tang Avatar

    what does c section mean? and why it's funny?

  19. Mildsevennight Avatar

    returned id exit WTF

  20. ahsan ali Avatar

    Thanks your tutorials are awesome and very quick to understand

  21. Lorne Barnaby Avatar

    when he shows the code and says i know you guys dont know what any of this means he sounds like such a patronising git, anybody who had done 10 seconds of research into any coding language ever could have told you what that did. and if you couldnt then i hope you learned something new and wish you the best of luck programming

  22. Osama Gamal Avatar

    let me read this license agreement

  23. Hitesh Patil Avatar

    sir, u r really good teacher ,plz keep it on sir…..best rgards………….hitesh (India)

  24. Zakanaa Avatar

    need help the compiler says that he can't find the path what should i do???

  25. leso343 Avatar

    Hey i got a problem white codeblocks . i use linus mint. i have removed it an reinstald it a few times but when a run the hello world it can't find the file or kataloge. how to fix this?

  26. Dennis Terzio Avatar

    He:"Don't name is C"

    Me: "Oh come on, I just named it C"

  27. MJ Sanchez Avatar


  28. ItsMeTarek Avatar

    If I use CLion, will I still benefit from your tutorials or do I have to find someone who programs on Clion?

    Sorry, I am a noob.

  29. Anon Ymous Avatar

    C++, well, uhhh, its a… We are not going to be learning it.

    when you have explained the difference between c and c++ too many times amirite :p

  30. Jake Ambrose Avatar

    always a problem. no my folder n file name did not auto complete. why not???

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