C Programming Tutorial – 4 – If Statement Decision

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48 responses to “C Programming Tutorial – 4 – If Statement Decision”

  1. Jad du preez Avatar

    Thanks These tutorials are really helpful,

  2. Daniel Galvis Avatar

    if i found this channel 6 months ago i would not have enrolled at UCF 🙂

  3. MJ Sanchez Avatar

    C is a lot easier than C++
    What is the purpose of
    #include <conio.h>

  4. Md Salman Avatar

    Thank you sir, I got a clear view

  5. Sanjay y Avatar

    Which compiler have u used?
    Looks like it is not Borland C.

  6. Aden Dahir Avatar

    thanks man,,, your so awsome

  7. Dasni Senarathna Avatar

    i understood if statement much better. Thankyou so much

  8. Surjit Bisht Avatar

    can some body plz help me to understand the function of "scanf" and "&"

  9. rohit mishra Avatar

    how to make it between 21-30

  10. rohit mishra Avatar

    how to type names instead of numbers and get results like he is stupid he is awesome

  11. nothing2lose Avatar

    #include <bucky.h>
    int main ()
    if (bukcy coughs)
    printf ('sorry got whooping cough :P");
    nice video btw (Y)

  12. KomsKala Kangeman Avatar

    thanks please i got it , i was lost

  13. Syoniz Jia Avatar

    why don't you  post the codes in ur description. and this 4 video  already made me understood so freaking much which i didn't understood for months

  14. Elarchi Brahim Avatar

    You can also add this to your programme: 
    if ( number1 != number2 )
            printf("They are not equalnAnd,n");
    It will show : 

    They are not equal
    num1 is (greater or less) than num2

  15. Zeppin Avatar

    If i use getchar();
    it just breaks there, anyone know how to fix this?

  16. Zeppin Avatar

    i cant use the getch();

    it says "use of undeclared identifier 'getch'"

    I use Xcode on my mac.
    <conio.h> is not available either, anyone know an equivalent for the mac ?


  17. z3r0 phr34k Avatar

    the position of that second curly brace is killing me.

  18. SkiBaBopDiBop Avatar

    for me it works for the "if num1 == num2" but not for greater than or less than. I end up with 2 huge numbers.

  19. Faynn Leviathan Avatar

    Subbed.  thank you ^_^

  20. Aamir Ali Avatar

    There is no problem with statements if i'm working with numbers. But what if i want to work with characters for example;

    printf("Do you want to try again? [Y/N]n");
    response = getchar();
    if (response = Y);

    See this is not a legal statement in C. I would get an error. How can  I fix this???

  21. The Last Prophet Avatar

    blugh blugh blugh lol that was funny

  22. Philip Colbert Avatar

    Oh one more thing, what does getch mean. If you'v covered that in one i skipped alot of it as I have a virtual machine on my laptop and I work with gedit and so felt it didn't apply to me oopps thanks buckey

  23. Philip Colbert Avatar

    hey buckey, have gone though 3 vids, this being my fourth.  completley to c.  iam studying iwth  cs50 harvard.  I haven't seen you use commands like 'GetInt' or 'GetString' are these unique to these guys.  Anyways, oh, on your 'style' you enclose everything in one of {}'s?  

  24. MrKnif35 Avatar

    instead of using if so many times, i like to say elif which is a mix between if and else. you still need if and else but if you are using many 'if's you can use elif for the several ' if 's

  25. Ammar Monssar Avatar

    Let me tighten this up a bit, thats what he said. lmao

  26. Ellinon Enosis Avatar

    So…could this work if i want to make a solar tracker that compares the values of 2 input pins ? (on a microcontroler) ?

  27. Shane Nolan Avatar

    Thanks so much you have liberated me with your tutorials

  28. DrStormpooper Avatar

    Infinite loop or some other mistake.

  29. 06khank Avatar

    Why does my Visual Studio crash ? when it debug ;(

  30. Brandon Whiteford Avatar

    hey this is great. and may i ask if the uploader is from georgia (u.s)? and are you related to josh from stuff you should know podcast? cause you could be his brother. well sounds like it lol. cheers thanks man make more

  31. Salim Ouafi Avatar

    my friend you are the best for beginner thanks again

  32. Quentin Collier Avatar

    Bucky when I started watching the C series you mentioned the Dev++ was to the right. I didn't see it. What video did you download the dev++ ?

  33. D4RKD3V1L Avatar

    My code is exactly the same as this dude's code. What am I doing wrong? Also, is it the program's fault? I'm using Dev-C++

  34. Ibrahim Ahmed Avatar

    last tutorial maybe

  35. Feanic Avatar


  36. Iommi'sLike.Finger Avatar

    prolly hes chewing an egg hahaahah

  37. LBM Avatar

    this is pretty much like C#

  38. Damon Edge Avatar

    "let me tidy this up a bit…. thats what she said"…..

  39. Elliott Pew Avatar

    It is true you cough loudly at least once a video, I come into these expecting it but it always catches me off guard.

  40. Eerie Spooks Avatar

    i get it is too 🙁 its rely annoying because i have every thing right i need halp!!!!!

  41. Eerie Spooks Avatar

    whenever i compile and run this the window comes up and i can type in the numbers but when i hit enter it just brings up an error message saying "if statement"(what i names the program)"has stopped working" and i have to close the program.

    any help….please

  42. MrBumbo90 Avatar

    I don't know if I understand your question but this function doesn't need a return statement because its a void function that's why we write main(void)

  43. Chris Best Avatar

    I can't seem to figure out why i keep getting 2686792 regardless of whatever i put in; i have checked code repeatedly and can't seem to figure out what issue is since it matches up perfectly…

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