C++ Programming Tutorial – 8 – Dating Young Girls

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49 responses to “C++ Programming Tutorial – 8 – Dating Young Girls”

  1. pourush sharma Avatar

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>
    #include <cstdlib>

    int datecalc(int a,int b);

    int main(){
    using namespace std;
    int a;
    int b;
    cout << "enter your 1st no: ";
    cin >>a;
    cout << "enter your 2nd no: ";
    cin >>b;

    return 0;
    int datecalc(int a, int b){
    int answer = a+b;
    return answer;
    is it correct plz check

  2. Alex Dearman Avatar

    Also im only 10 and i have to date girls older than me! whaaaaaat

  3. Alex Dearman Avatar

    It worked without cin.get since you have another cin…..

  4. Farhan Ullah Avatar

    thank you sir thanks a lot…. massive respect (Y)

  5. Alnoman Kamil Avatar

    Why does the following program works without function declaration?

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>

    using namespace std;

    float girl_age (float x){
    float xxx = 0.0;
    xxx = (x/2.0) + 7.0;
    return xxx;

    int main(){
    float x = 0.0;
    cout << "Please enter your age : " ;
    cin >> x ;
    cout << "Ideal girl -> " << girl_age(x) << " ! " << endl;
    return 0;

  6. Legobeto Thegrreat Avatar

    good tutorial. I was wondering if you could show us how to set up the new compiler Code blocks. I downloaded 16.01 and have managed to get some of your code to run, but there are some functions that totally won't run. I'm not sure what i'm doing incorrectly.

  7. Mitch Baker Avatar

    if(age >=24)
    cout << "Hire Indians!" << endl;

  8. The New Gamer Avatar

    ohhooo why don t you use in the main function(int main) if (age < 18 you can date girls)
    cout << ETC. something like this.

  9. Lv J Avatar

    instead of using int, i used double just to check… but it doesn't show decimal points, y?

  10. Siv Avatar

    But if you are 10 years old, you can only date a girl of a minimum  of 12 years old…

  11. Ivan Acosta Avatar

    Hey i know it's late but what if we put double instead of int would it give you the more accurate age on which you can date girls ? 🙂

  12. Rit Avatar

    That means a 41 year old can date a 27 year old

  13. James Perez Avatar

    I struggled so much with functions for my second course in Computer Science. I actually just failed that class. I'm a Computer Engineering major. Thank you so much. 

  14. mang oac Avatar

    If I date someone my own age, how old am I?

  15. Michael Anderson Avatar

    I'm only on this lesson 8 but in the past two hours I have learned more than my friends have learned in 2 weeks taking a college course on this. Thank you.

  16. friendship Avatar


  17. James Sorensen Avatar

    Hey how would you be able to use this in c++ what do i need
    total += Garden*days;

    So what this program does is it has a set value for rooms in a hotel then it will ask you do you need a extra bed, fridge. then it will ask how many days will you be staying. then it will take the room, the extra, and days and will give you a total for the room+extra*days will give you the total.
    could you help me.

  18. dkblade27 Avatar

    YOU LUCKY!!!


  19. Brandan09997 Avatar

    Just use getchar(); getchar(); twice, i'm sure cin.get(); cin.get(); twice will also work. system("pause") is platform specific.

  20. Nikolay Raykov Avatar

    I checked it more than 10 times and it shows me that i have 1 mistake. I use Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0 .

  21. Dustin Cory Avatar

    type this

    return 0;

  22. Cameron Harrison Avatar

    It's Called CodeBlocks. Code Blocks .org No Spaces!


  23. MrPinkster1 Avatar

    soz guys which compiler is this? missed when he changed from the previous lesson

  24. 1995a1995z Avatar

    please HELP, im still using the old compiler, and whenever I enter my age and press enter it shows the number but then closes really quickly… even though I have the "cin.get();" at the end….

    Can someone please tell me how to fix this

  25. piecheeriolady Avatar

    I'm 13 and my answer became 19 if I did it 13*2-7 but when I do boysAge as 19 it says 16…

  26. piecheeriolady Avatar

    and would the answer be the oldest age I could date?

  27. piecheeriolady Avatar

    so if im a girl should i do times 2 minus 7?

  28. Ebosch747 Avatar

    so if im 2 i can date someone 8?

  29. Ebosch747 Avatar

    I guess its only accurate when your 12 to 17

  30. Manuel Berlanga Avatar

    And now you are 15.

  31. Nathan Esau Avatar

    HireINDIANS! ya, i dont think im going to explain that one right now. lmao

  32. blind guy suck at gaming Avatar

    why when i don't use cout in dateCalc(age) it doesn't give me the answer in the programme

  33. blind guy suck at gaming Avatar

    what does mean return girlAge; ????

  34. dadaaw dadaad Avatar

    it makes sence cause 13 year olds or less don't date

  35. unusualskillz Avatar

    im 16


  36. MythicGamesHD Avatar

    I found it to be quite accurate when i did girlsAge = myAge / 2.15 + halfMyAge

  37. Emma Smitley Avatar

    It worked without con.get() because the program was waiting for user input to store info as variable 'age', but if you would have entered a value, it would have run the calculation super quick and closed.

  38. Parallax GFX Avatar

    it shows a 99 with 56 and 11 with 12 WTF?

  39. tony_ROYmo Avatar

    codeblock still hasn't fixed the right click copy

  40. Chuck Yeager Avatar

    I made a metric converter

  41. Ricardo Arteaga Avatar

    This was able to work for me perfectly without cin.get().
    and also you do not need include cmath, and include cstdlib. strange.
    excellent video, clear.

  42. Austen Brown Avatar

    xD reminded me of nation of Islam

  43. Ian Gabriel Sanchez Avatar

    what compiler is that?

  44. Garrett West Avatar

    Above the cin.get();

  45. Nermin Muratovic Avatar

    bucky it works, but when you enter your age the program will close and you wont be able to see the output

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