C# Tutorial 15 LINQ Tutorial

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In this video I’ll cover LINQ. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) provides many tools for working with data. LINQ is similar to SQL, but it can work with data aside from databases. I’ll cover From, Where, Orderby, Select, In, Inner Joins, Group Inner Join, Equals and using LINQ with multiple different collections.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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28 responses to “C# Tutorial 15 LINQ Tutorial”

  1. Pravesh Maharaj Avatar

    good stuff, can you please do a tutorial on events and delegates, thank you.

  2. Nicklas Isaksson Avatar

    ArrayList dosen't work im using visual studio in mac what can u use instead?

  3. Soapy Fruit Avatar

    LINQ rules 🙂 amazing tutorial

  4. ThePersBoy Avatar

    Thank u very much, everything about this video is great specially(the big font/zoom of the code) 😉

  5. Vũ Ngọc Anh Avatar

    Tks Derek Banas. I very very like your videos. It's great 🙂

  6. oly neagu Avatar

    Hi Derek, currently bench watching this. I was wondering why using a Arraylist instead of a generic List, is there any difference in performance speed or memory wise ?

  7. Tonkis Avatar

    Excellent introduction to LINQ. This is my first time seeing it and I love it already.
    Thanks for not havin any bullshit in the video, only good stuff. Thanks bud.

  8. Emre Can Avatar

    The font size is very huge.Please smaller.

  9. Eames Trinh Avatar

    15:45 just curious, are you creating a new Animal object, or some anonymous type?

    Also, I can kinda see how the "nums" list updated itself (earlier in the tutorial), but even more confusing, how did the array after it update itself since you passed in "nums" before you updated it

  10. Claudio Dias Avatar

    Hi very tanks for video, you helped a lot to know how this works.

  11. Marcin Kuta Avatar

    Thank you best of the best:)

  12. Afrasiab Hamid Avatar

    salam please do on xamarin cross platform thanku

  13. Dawid Kowalski Avatar

    I' m your big fan! Keep doing this great work!

  14. Sandy Avatar

    Hi Derek, If you were to build a Pateron style Webapp what stack would you use ?
    Would a MEAN stack work well as compared to the classical MVC style using Django or flask or PHP ?

  15. Hunter Johnson Avatar

    Sorry for my total off topic question about this video, but do you have a preference on tutorials/book for C# and Unity? I know you plan to do videos (thank you extremely!), but I've also been trying to find some other sources for that too; if you know any that'd be awesome 🙂 Thanks Derek, keep up the good work!

  16. Nicolaj A Avatar

    ​could you maybe make a tutorial on how to search multiple tables, where some are connected with many to many tables. And make sure to stream some more the witness 🙂

  17. EXZM Avatar

    Hey Derek. I just have a question, do you need to be extremely good at maths to be a hacker or a programmer? Because that's what some people are posting on the Internet.
    If yes what exactly and specifically do you require?

  18. ML Z Avatar

    when i comes to code derek is the epitome of the best. i've never seen anyone this good.

  19. ML Z Avatar

    Derek, If you had an ubertooth one and had to make it able to sniff packets in monitor mode with packet injection where would you start???? What would it be scripted in if you had to choose? if you had to make it like airodump-ng but for bluetooth where would one start to make something for it?

  20. PushMyCarr Avatar

    Thank you very much for the lesson!

  21. Achin Avatar

    i beg you please i am crying tell about Enterprise java beans , statefull Ejb ,Stateless EJB , Message driven bean , CMP thier lifecycle methods:(

  22. Masoud Rousta Avatar

    This tutorial talks a 500 page book
    Many thanks Derek

  23. Miguel10Tony Avatar

    Thank you for another great tutorial! Could you do one on XAML?

  24. Fly Games Avatar

    very useful tutorial! Thank you for devoting your time! 🙂

  25. Roger Weiss Avatar

    Great tutorial, just a pity you used the non functional SQL-like syntax, the least preferred syntax. The extension methods are way more succinct, composable and aligned with other functional languages.

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