C++ Tutorial 17 : Sequence Containers

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In this part of my C++ tutorial I’ll cover Sequence Containers which contain data that is stored in order. Previously I covered Vectors and will now cover Deques, Lists and Forward Lists.

I’m getting near the end of my core coverage of C++. Once I finish I will then move on to GUI development, Algorithms and all the other things that have been requested.






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  1. Peterolen Avatar

    4:12 Perhaps worth mentioning is that at( ) does bounds checking while [ ] doesn't.
    16:13 Also worth mentioning is that .unique() only looks at the previous element so if the list is not sorted you might still have duplicate values in different parts of the list.
    17:44 Calling std::forward_list the most efficient sequential container is a bit misleading. It obviously depends on what you use it for but for most use cases I expect std::vector to be most efficient.

  2. Aamir Avatar

    Thanks Derak, Great Video as always 🙂

  3. irshad irshad Avatar

    Hi Derek you are the best in the world I never miss your tutorials may god bless you keep going

  4. Jim Robertson Avatar

    Hi Derek, maybe you know this or not: Netbeans allows easy movement of lines up and down the source code without having to "cut'n'Paste." On my set-up (windows) use "alt_shift_arrow_up/down." You can also move blocks of code the same way by selecting them. Another really useful trick is to use "ctrl-shift_arrow_up/down" to duplicate lines or blocks. I'm sure there are some other really useful shortcuts but these two are amongst my favorite Netbeans features.

  5. Shubham Baranwal Avatar

    Thank you for this.
    I was hoping if you can do a cgi web development video from c++. I would really appreciate it.
    Although no one use it I guess.

  6. Huy võ lê Avatar

    Thank I need STL

  7. King Sloth50 Avatar


  8. Marko Flint Avatar

    Cover ladder next please

  9. Exodus Avatar

    Thank you very much Derek 🙂 We appreciate all the hard work:)

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