C# Tutorial 25 C# Databases

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This C# Tutorial is going to cover a lot in a short video. I’ll set up the newest SQL Server and Visual Studio 2017. I’ll then explore Creating Tables, Using SSMS, App.config, Connecting to SQL Server with C# and a whole lot more.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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29 responses to “C# Tutorial 25 C# Databases”

  1. Warren Peers Avatar

    Love your work. Would have liked to have seen soemthing on entity framework and binding that to controls, ie some real world database apps where the underlying tables have been normalised. Most examples are so trivial they are not that helpful. Anyway really liked your series, you are sharp and too the point, no waffle, clear sound and pictures. Can't recommend you enough.

  2. Felix Grauert Avatar

    Hi Derek!
    Great Tutorial. And it would even be greater if you could demonstrate how to talk to an elasticsearch HTTP interface 😉
    Is there a builtin 'provider' already for that or would it be required to code my own lib that performs HTTP requests(blocking, non-blocking if that is possible at all with some sort of event handler, …) to a port 9200?
    Furthermore, it would be highly appreciated if you could just demo how to retrieve data from a table and place it into a form row by row(with paging), and clicking on a row opens up another window (to show how to handle multiple windows in an app) with data from another table where related items exist, e.g. show all customers, clicking on a customer opens up a new window and shows all offers for that particular customer – or as you would implement it 'show all animals, and then show all the sounds that they make' 😉

  3. Pierre Avatar

    Hi Derek. PDF quads to x,y coords required some rotated space codes in JavaScript , do you have any idea how to code it in VB or C# ? Maybe JSO (Java Scrip Object) may help ?

  4. JerryTeam Avatar

    Is this the last C# video tutorial?

  5. oly neagu Avatar

    I find these database connections to be kind of tricky. When I connect to a database I usually follow this steps:
    Connect manually using the server explorer up in view.
    I make a connection string field and all that in a static class, that I just use
    Make a dbml visual class, in which I can see the database and how the tables relate
    Make a class and use a datacontext with some methods that modifies and re-opens the connection based on the connection string.

    Although that dbml is great, as a beginner I don't know which approach is a better practice, can someone help out ?
    Also I heard a lot about using Entity for connections

  6. Cemil Gültomruk Avatar

    Hello wonderful man in youtube…. Will you go on C# training videoes? What are your plans about that 🙂

  7. Disciplined Coding Avatar

    I have to honest though…I never could work with dB's all day long though, they will eventually drive you crazy.

  8. Disciplined Coding Avatar

    "DB's Rock", am I alone with this comment Derek?? 😉

  9. Marko Stefanovic Avatar

    Hey Derek,what checkbox do i have to check for your c#tutorial and do i need to install visual studio 2017 community ?

  10. bert berlin Avatar

    what will be the coverage of #26 tutorial? 😀

  11. fera fera Avatar

    Hi Derek!
    i have a question please
    do you want to continue this tutorial or this is the end????

  12. Ashwini Gupta Avatar

    Your tutorials are so good.. Any plan to do tutorials on ASP.NET Core?

  13. ismail kuraydli Avatar

    I have a question my id isnt auto updating when i add new data to the table, and to me it seems like its setup right

  14. Joseph Ore Avatar

    Is this the last video of this c# tutorial

  15. Keifer Monsale Avatar

    Amazing tutorial as always. Hope you can do SSIS and SSRS too. Thanks a lot again.

  16. maruata jongte Avatar

    Is this going to be continued

  17. Rafael Lima Avatar

    Are you from Pittsburgh?

  18. Darren Dhanpat Avatar

    hi derek…when is the next c# video going to be released….thanks!

  19. Fatjon Rrapaj Avatar

    Hi Derek !
    Your c# tutorial came to the end,but I still have a problem and can't figure out what to do.I have a great opportunity to be part of a big programming company,but as a test,i have to build a speedometer app in xamarin. And I don't know where to start,because I don't know Xamarin .If it is possible,please help…with anything,even a single word-advice because I don't want to miss this chance.
    I am very thankful for you tutorials and would be very thankful 🙂

  20. Logan Unknown Avatar

    Could you do tutorial on TCP/UDP Networking?

  21. Christoffer Sylvest Carlsen Avatar

    Great video Derek!

    Are you going to do a part 2 of this video?

    The video came just in time, as I'm doing a project at university where a database could come in handy, but we need to be able to let a user write new rows to an existing table. Is that just as easy as it is to do a ReadLine from a row?

    Kind regards.

  22. hamid arm16 Avatar

    hi. do you have any plan to start asp.net mvc tutorial after ending c# tutorial?

  23. Ivan Valera Avatar

    Hello Derek!

    i need a advice from you. I am 19 years old and nowadays i am "working" with php, because this is the language that is use at my job (this is my first job) and well, i can say is my favoriate language actually (with JS), so I trying to learn lavarel framework.. Now i think i need to pick a "hard" language to get better jobs. What languange recommend you to learn better? Java or C#? I have seen them both, but i need a good recommendation from an expert like you!

    in terms of database, i like MySQL (i use SQLyog) but i think too i need to learn use a database more "heavy", like Oracle or SQL Server maybe?

    Sorry for english! Good luck from Dominican Republic!

  24. jordancodes Avatar

    Can you make a Qt in one video or a Qt series?

  25. Utsav Agrawal Avatar

    I downloaded the SP1 iso media instead and the installation interface is entirely different. It's like the ol versions of SQL Server and not like the one in your video si i can't find the basic option. Please help

  26. Spiky. Avatar

    600,000 subs, and not verified?

    YouTube is weird sometimes.

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