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Here I will begin my large C++ tutorial that many people have been asking for. I decided to teach C++ through problem solving. This first video covers preprocessor directives, main, cout, if, terminal arguments, for, data types, variables, constants, printf, strings, getline, cin, conversions, and much more.

This tutorial is light on problems, but for each forward I’ll try to include at least 3 progressively complex problems for you to solve. I hope you enjoy it.






25 responses to “C++ Tutorial”

  1. Abeltensor Avatar

    Its been so long since I've looked at any c++. I forgot how messy the syntax is. So glad rust is a thing.

  2. Hunter Johnson Avatar

    Love this series! Plan on doing C# with UWP at any point??

  3. Fullon Entertainment Avatar

    It'll be really helpful if you cover classes and oop based problems in CPP..thanks .. I wish I could meet you one day ..

  4. Fullon Entertainment Avatar

    Nice video, waiting for long as when you posted you'll do on CPP , god bless you sir for sharing all these knowledge .. thanks a lot

  5. vaibhav Codian Avatar

    Please make a web application development video .
    With …
    Meteor / express / any node js framework

  6. TyPlaysOnline Avatar


    i sury i tak it bak

  7. Actual Programming Avatar

    Hey Derek, just take a look at here 23:40 you summed, 20 dec places with 10 dec places DOUBLE. Is the result correct?

  8. DS 123 Avatar

    Do one like this for JS

  9. MediocrityProdigy Avatar

    Great as always! Are you planning on doing some sort of GUI in this series?

  10. Abhi Bahuguna Avatar

    Derek will you also talk about shared pointer, static cast or dynamic cast other advanced c++ topics.

  11. JC Q Avatar

    hopefully after cpp & arduino there are tutorials for JakartaEE

  12. Ermain Paul Avatar

    Hey Derek, what do you think of using Eclipse for C++?

  13. Rodrigo Gomez Avatar

    Wow.. Thank you. A lot a stuff new to me.

    About a suggestion:
    Some people always tell that graphics in c++ are hard.

    Is that true? Or could you make a simole easy tutorial for doing the same here but instead of the terminal, a little pop up window ..

    Thanks again. Nice day

  14. Squared Programming Avatar

    I wish there were more resources like this when I was learning to how to program.

  15. Ita Co Avatar

    Derek thank you very much,
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  16. David P Avatar

    This is extremely relevant for me right now. Going to have the first minor exam of this C++ class soon and I was pretty much completely lost last week. Thanks!

  17. Deep Vision Avatar

    Thanks for great tutorial. I have looked a lot for a tutorial for c++11 and c++14 and c++17 in a video, but no luck yet. Do you know of any?

  18. Joseph A Thomas Avatar

    Great Video ! Thank you so much .

  19. oussama bouchareb Avatar

    do an updated django tutorial if possible

  20. Prominent Gaming Avatar

    God bless you. Hahaha thank you for your constant educational videos. I can't wait for this series to move forward. Keep it up brother.

  21. Exodus Avatar

    When you're too early, the video is still in 360p

  22. Luis Munoz Avatar

    At last C++. Thumbs up Derek!!!!

  23. Exodus Avatar


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