C# Tutorial 4 Methods Enum

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In this part of my C# tutorial we’ll cover methods in detail. We’ll cover Pass by Value versus Pass by Reference, Out Parameter, Params, Named Parameters, Method Overloading, Enum and much more.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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40 responses to “C# Tutorial 4 Methods Enum”

  1. Grant - Saturn Avatar

    I have many questions and rather than somewhat spam them in your comments what you recommend I do for figuring those out? I know that's a broad question but should I just watch many people describe the same things you describe or should I read it or both? If I had someone to ask I would just for clarification on things that are probably easy to understand they just go over my head. Thanks in advance if you answer my stupid question lol

  2. Game And Scripts Avatar

    what about sending out a enum

  3. Dingly Do Avatar

    288 likes and 0 dislikes. GG you broke youtube.

  4. Russ Avatar

    Hello Derek! Thanks a lot for the efforts.

    Dear pals,
    What's the reason I'm getting this:

    Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error CS0103 The name 'GetSum' does not exist in the current context

  5. marh122 Avatar

    Your voice is like Morgan Freeman in programming πŸ˜€

  6. Syarif Hidayatullah Avatar

    What is static? Did you explain what is static and its function in the methods or classes? If yes, in which video?

  7. element74 Avatar

    That C# book you have in your details is scary. Should I be skipping to Chapter 3, since that is when it starts talking about what you show in your tutorial videos? The .NET stuff is a pain to my brain. I'm talking about the first 3 chapters. I'm a noob to programming. On a side note, I feel like the C# part of the book is great, but I feel it is better for me to watch your tutorial videos first before reading it. Because for example, it mentions enum data types while trying to explain the switch construct, and at the same time it says it will talk about enum data types in a later chapter, heh.

  8. skeletoo Avatar

    it seems that you follow that c# book that you've recommended, which is nice πŸ˜€ it's easier for me to understand things that in the book are not explained that good

  9. Derrik Avatar

    Small nitpick, your mic is slightly off balance. you sound like you are talking to the slight front left instead of the center. I've asked a friend and he agrees. I still might be my issue.I remember watching you before you had 100k subs. Thanks for the amazing videos.

  10. George Fotopoulos Avatar

    Should we prefer Convert.ToSomething … OR … Something.Parse() ?

  11. william herbert Avatar

    Derek, these are truly awesome videos. Very high value. I want to know:
    re – "Thank you to Patreon supporters" – is that where we can send money to support you, or is it all the same as just doing it through the YouTube link provided? If not, maybe explain the way it works or provide a link if you will. Thanks and keep up the great output!!

  12. Aleks Kenins Avatar

    Platinum, thank you for all the hard work that you're putting in to this. Loving the RE7 streams as well πŸ™‚

  13. Michael Beck Avatar

    Hi Derek! Is there a reason calling the videos "Tutorial n" and so on? Why not call it so one can search for the actual content?

  14. Frits van Doorn Avatar

    Hi Derek, isn't it easier to enlarge the font size of the command window? Then you don't have to zoom in all the time. BTW thanks for answering my question on the missing dll. I beat you to i because you are very busy and your video's thaught me how to find the answer myself. Thanks for that also!

  15. Proxy, The Hornet POX Avatar

    Question about the params part in the tutorial: how would the GetSumMore method change if you passed just the array (without the param in front of it) into it?

  16. Ando Kiidron Avatar

    Dude you're ton of help! Many thanks for making things so clear and easily followable.

  17. J Morgan Avatar

    are you going to cover WPF and XAML?

    Great tutorials by the way

  18. PushMyCarr Avatar

    Thank you kindly for another awesome tutorial.
    My new year's resolution was to get into C# and MonoGame and these tutorials are like dream come true!

  19. alex Zemtzov Avatar

    Man… You are the best. When I need some explanation you are the first one that I'm checking.
    Can you Please make a Python videos- not basic stuff but explanation with how the stuff is implemented and what is the best ways to use it

  20. Deva Gamer Avatar

    Hi Derek, may I ask you what font are you using? And what font where you using in the Learn to Program with Python series? Thanks

  21. Metal Kaiser Avatar

    is the ref keyword the same as & in C++ or more like *pointers in C? is there a way to do pass by reference in java as well?

  22. subhoj kumar Avatar

    Hi derek , can you make a tutorial on ASP.NET

  23. Mattshu Avatar

    Can't wait to master C# thanks to you! –also are named parameters even useful? Having trouble finding a scenario where it calls for using them.

  24. Masoud Rousta Avatar

    another great tutorial on one of the best computer science tutorial channels
    Thanks Derek

  25. Spade Avatar

    Make a PHP OOP WordPress Development tUtorial Please

  26. oussama bouchareb Avatar

    why alot of people these days are focusing on c#?

  27. Divy Sancheti Avatar

    Hey Derek, I have some questions :
    A) Do you have any tutorials on CSS animation?
    B) Is it worth learning?
    C) If it is worth learning and you do not have any tutorials, could you make one? (just because you are a great teacher)

    BTW this is not related to C#.

  28. Junkie Cosmonaut Avatar

    Derek, any upcoming tutorials on "Garbage collectors"? A subject I find a bit confusing lol!

  29. Mike Ulrich Avatar

    It's only January, but I'm nominating you as "Man of the Year!" Derek! Looking forward to the rest of this series!

  30. Sandy Avatar

    hi Derek – this is suggestion : perhaps you could publish a calendar of the language you will cover during the year. I know things would be dynamic but just checking ?

  31. Andrei Lorin Darjan Avatar

    Methods are functions that belong to a class

  32. S B Avatar

    Hey Derek!

    First and foremost I want to thank you for the incredibly helpful videos. They've genuinely hepled me understand most of my degree content. Second, I wanted to know if you''ll be doing any videos on the Java based Scene2D and libGDX in the future as I'm genuinely interested in learning about how to utilise both of these tools in order to make graphics for the game I'm working on? It's be awesome if you did!

    Many thanks again man and I look forward to more of your videos

  33. clash gamerxp Avatar

    thanks for making these tutorials they are great πŸ™‚

  34. Kevi Balla Avatar

    Can you please do an videos update for JavaScript shorter please

  35. Disciplined Coding Avatar

    Hey Derek, I really look forward to opening Visual Studio and following along with your tuts, I find they keep me sharp, and code something every single day so I don't forget what I've learned previously. Do you use a daily coding ritual as well? …"Platinum". πŸ™‚

  36. Maxim Shevchenko Avatar

    Long time expected course

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