C++ Tutorial – 4 – Modify Variables to New Values

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27 responses to “C++ Tutorial – 4 – Modify Variables to New Values”

  1. kevin bosso Avatar

    started making batch files for pranks,and now im here… im proud!

  2. Weedy Bee Avatar

    nice tutorials man :)) good work

  3. Cj Juntilla Avatar

    can you use getch(); instead of system("pause"); ?

  4. darky Avatar

    You Mean:
    #include <iostream
    using namespace std;
    int main ()
    int x;
    cout << "I Like Your Videos!";
    cin x;

  5. robimtk96 Avatar

    I keep getting an error when I try compile and run "Permission denied Id returned 1 exit status"

  6. Stosswalkinator Avatar

    To answer my own question, yes. Yes you can.

  7. Stosswalkinator Avatar

    You can, he's just not doing it.

  8. Stosswalkinator Avatar

    Could you do mynumber += 42? Or would that not add 42 to mynumber?

  9. caspeR Avatar

    Bucky you are amazing! Thank you so much for giving us these, we need more people like you!

  10. (ncom86) Avatar

    You forgot the pesky semicolon after "I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS"

  11. (ncom86) Avatar


  12. igcrypto Avatar

    im learning a lot thanks man!

  13. nothing Avatar

    why cant you type cout << "MY number is " << mynumber << endl;

  14. TheDeLeG3nD Avatar

    write('I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS');

  15. moofymoo Avatar

    lol, the same as c/obj-c/java tutorials, explaining variables 😀

  16. Lansana Avatar

    I dont like system("pause");, the message it brings out is annoying, I prefer cin.get();

  17. Sourabh Yadav Avatar

    if u were my school 's teacher…None of the Students would have failed <3

  18. MITLOML Avatar

    Uh what?! Right before he ended his recording the date was august 2nd 2008, but it was uploaded August 1st 2008. 0_o

  19. McDucky Avatar

    cout << "I'm "<<VariableName<<" years old.";

  20. Preslav Avatar

    If you want to show variable between words, what do you need to type? I mean something like:

    I`m 24 years old

    and 24 to be your variable.

    Thanks in advance!

  21. thefinalfrontier1701 Avatar

    #include iostream
    int main ()

    using namespace std;

    cout << "Good job Bucky! Thank you for your videos!";
    cout << endl;

    system ("pause");
    return 0;

    *Compiles and runs*

  22. mw2isepic1 Avatar

    You mean….
    cout<<"I like your videos"<<endl;

  23. drtetra Avatar

    all your tutorials helped me to start programming took
    me about 5months to know somethings in c++ but im not pro yet i
    made a calc that finds the SA and V and of sphere and cylinder and some other stuff

  24. 97epicman Avatar

    Actually it's
    cout << "I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS";
    cout << endl;
    return 0;
    cout << "I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS" << endl;
    return 0;

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