C++ Tutorial 5 : Strings & Math

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In this part of my C++ tutorial we’ll cover numerous ways to interact with Strings, numerous common Math functions and we’ll solve a rather complex 2 part problem. The goal of this series is to teach the syntax of the C++ language while actually teaching how to solve problems using C++. Each tutorial includes increasingly more complex problems for you to solve.






16 responses to “C++ Tutorial 5 : Strings & Math”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    Can you solve this videos problem with fewer lines of code? If so, share it in the comments below. Thank you for watching 🙂

  2. branen890 Avatar

    Like even C++ tutorial isnt in my domain.

  3. Tom Render Avatar

    Great series!
    Would you make a video about how raycasting/raytracing works and how to implement them? I've never seen a single video talking about them in detail, only the very basic concepts came up, so it would be really awesome video to see.

  4. Avatar Sui Avatar

    can you do arduino send data to php then to mysql? using esp8266

  5. liga adde Avatar

    Yes sir so excited and appreciated really thnks for your time oky by good bless

  6. Kuljit Singh Avatar

    +Derek Banas Sir. Thank you soooooo much for your great video. I followed your java video tutorial series and using that knowledge only I have got myself a job as a software engineer in a good company. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep uploading. Keep helping others.

  7. Hassan Avatar

    Request : C & Data Structure

  8. Alexander Zotov Avatar

    Great! We are the people who subscribed before 1M) Take your chances! Do it now)

  9. MrDeny105 Avatar

    why dont you use std namespace?

  10. JC Q Avatar

    may god bless you and your family…thank you derek banas…

  11. Kostakis Avatar

    777k illuminati confirmed :,)

  12. Chukwuka Orefo Avatar

    Derek you just keep giving! You really need more recognition for this amazing stuff!!

  13. Exodus Avatar

    Thank you very much for the hard work Derek 🙂 This series is awesome! Been waiting for that

  14. Fitrah Muhammad Avatar

    hope you make OOP tutorial for C++

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