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25 responses to “Chance to WIN a Free Java Course + New CMS Creators”

  1. Y00Rd00m Avatar

    How old are you?

  2. aqeel dockrat Avatar

    hey man does your course have networked gaming (client and server)?

  3. DAS power Avatar

    Game Maker help QTE (Quick Time Event)

  4. Mechicano TV Avatar

    definitely gonna buy this! make a game development course with c++ and ill throw more money at you lol

  5. Oliwarder Avatar

    Your lessons are awesome! Could you make video about chest inventory (like in terraria or minecraft)? Please!

  6. Mariners Fan Avatar

    Wow still no multiplayer shooter tutorial!

  7. W0lfseye Avatar

    I have 1 question as i see you use Game Maker but do you actually need this program to make games i mean if you want to become sucessfull you cant just stick to Game Maker or am i wrong?

  8. Game Fusion Avatar

    RealTutsGML you are awesome

  9. Game Fusion Avatar

    I have been watching your java game tutorials and there really helpful thanks for making them

  10. Tamal Plays Avatar

    is the giveaway still going on?

  11. CanyonsVlogs Avatar

    Geez we have waited forever for the next multiplayer tutorial! Come on it's been more than 2 weeks!

  12. Zack Grey Avatar

    hey tuts! can you do some perl lesson videos?

  13. Sean Avatar

    Hey on your unlockable levels video, how can you quit out of the game but have the levels saved

  14. I.C.Titans Avatar

    Hyped for Ludum dare 😀

  15. Think Twice Avatar

    What text editor do you use for java?

  16. GREATEST EVER Avatar

    i remember when this channel used to actually be about teaching how to make games instead of , look at my old games , look at me play ur games, or buy my course here, and website promoting on the daily (granted i think you should gain something from ur time) but at the same time havent actually released a decent tutorial in 3+ years , is kinda sketchy

  17. Hadermite Avatar

    When will you draw a winner?

  18. Infuriated Canadian Avatar

    Where is the multiplayer tutorial??

  19. UberAlex Avatar

    I was the first to retweet 🙂

  20. RadioactivePoptart Avatar

    Zach dude your growth is amazing glad to see how far you've come since high school!

  21. Zero Stas Avatar

    do you make reviews on games made in gamemaker?

  22. mattiemonster Avatar

    How's that SMB update doing? Also, good video.

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