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40 responses to “Channel Update”

  1. Lukasz Szmyd Avatar

    One of the best teacher on youtube. It's great you are back with new videos. I have learned so much from you. Thank you !!!

  2. / Avatar

    is the channel dead again??

  3. Ken Jones Avatar

    Update. So thanks to your course I was able to build a blog theme (Ghost Blog Platform) for work. I am still working out some of the kinks in my code. But the workflow I learned in your course made this possible. I don't think I am ready for prime time (as I have kinks to fix), but I am ultra encouraged. But not encouraged enough to work on a team.

    Version 1.0 of this blog doesn't have Javascript. I wanted it too but CSS solved everything I needed for launch. Over the next few months I want to spend time working through Javascript and gain confidence. Soon I will be looking for designers who also want to practice. After that phase, Web Dev will become my side job.

    Hahaha, I'm still thanking you Brad.

  4. ehsan pervaiz Avatar

    i am very excited to see your tuts very soon

  5. HardingForf Avatar

    hello, can you please show us how to make tabs with json and ajax that connects with database and get records from it without jquery?!

    it will be wonderful because no one has ever done such thing

  6. Bob Van Wagner Avatar

    First an observation. When you have the camera on you in the room, that room looks exactly like the room I am in. The paint color, the carpet, the closet doors, the room door, I turn around and it is the same! So weird! Okay, I don't have the wood-colored dresser along the wall. Second: a question. Who have a very well done Sublime video series in 2014, but in the 2016 course "Git a wed dev.." the class requirements say to get a modern text editor, and there you recommend Atom. I'm an old VI hand, but I've been using Sublime or trying to, because to get stuff done I just swap back to gVIM or MacVim. Which is why I've been marching through your Sublime You Tube series. But should I swap over now to Atom?

  7. Babu Chakravarty Avatar

    I loved your video on JavaScript. It is simply amazing. It puts together the magic of Javascript.

  8. arnab Avatar

    Pls do more javascript without jquery tutorial. If you can

  9. jellycoding Avatar

    Hi! I enjoy your Youtube videos. I can pay for it too. But I'm not going to use Udemy. Cant you open an patreon account or something and upload your videos here on Youtube? You could have it like people who contributes to your patreon will get links to Youtube-tutorials that is looked for people without the link?

    But I think the smartest way is to just have your tutorials here on Youtube for free and make them spread and let people contribute to a patreon account. I think you would gain most doing it that way in the long run?

    Please stop supporting Udemy. They allow people to sell stolen content for example.

  10. Dota Movie Avatar

    Hi, do you have job for editing your videos on youtube? I can do that 🙂

  11. Derek kumi Avatar

    That cat part made me laugh, this aggression will not stand!!!!

  12. Max Miko Avatar

    Your cat is great :)))

  13. cj Faysal Avatar

    I like your tutorial videos

  14. Mervo Mervo Avatar

    Hi I see a requirement to have working knowledge of JSON is this covered in your course. I am very keen to get started on the Web Dev journey with your course if the above requirement can be satisfied. Thanks

  15. Nelson King Avatar

    I don't understand cats in the West. Your cats are weird.
    Mine would be restless and would eat that bird if you opened that window. I don't even feed my cat. He goes hunting.

  16. Jamie Rush Avatar

    Thumbs down?! LOL WUT

  17. Mike Avatar

    Brad, so glad i found you! I will definitely be taking your "Mastering the Modern Workflow" course. If you know anything about building e-commerce websites in Magento, a course for that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! =)

  18. José Aguilar Canepa Avatar

    Hi there Brad!

    I've just finished your workflow curse. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed it, and even more important, the tons and tons of useful and amazing things I learned from it You're truly awesome!!!

    It might be the date, but I felt a little sad when the last video stopped playing, sort of what it feels when you have finished reading an extremely good book and you feel like you've lost a good friend. But then I decided to take a look around your channel, and I realized that that friend is still around. You've earned a new subscriber, and I really hope that you and your kittens are A-OK.

    Last but not least, there's one final thing I'd like to say to you.

    Thank you!!! 😀

  19. Chenghua Pang Avatar

    OMG. Like you said, there's no a single course like yours.

  20. Erhun Yilman Avatar

    I watched almost your whole WordPress playlist and it really nice man, because of that I bought your course. Keep it going man, because you are the best teacher! I seriously appreciate what your doing!

  21. Justin Munce Avatar

    Welcome back. I built my first sites using your tutorials, and as I'd bet everyone else would also say they are probably the best available on YouTube

  22. Yevgeny Avatar

    Take my hand, take my whooole life tooo… But no one can stand but buying a course from you;)) Take care, Brad.

  23. Sultana Ionut Avatar

    After watching your wordpress series I've joined your course (How to Git a Web Developer Job) and I must say – You're an incredible teacher . Brad, thank you soo much for your hard work/effort invested in those tutorials 🙂

  24. 76ers Avatar

    Your Udemy link in the description is broken 🙁

  25. Naadom kobby Kesi Avatar

    hi, thanks all the videos please let me have your Facebook name, will like to write to you
    thank you.
    its important anyway

  26. TheYakedonichui Avatar

    Please can you publish the course even on skillshare. Thank you

  27. AJ Schmidt Avatar

    Brad, I just finished your course. It was awesome! Thanks a lot for putting it together. I just subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to learning more from you. Keep it up!

  28. John Progress Avatar

    You're the best. Forever subscribed.

  29. Serdar Degirmenci Avatar

    Hi, I was not know your channel before your restart and now I check your videos everyday. Thanks for all of them.

    AMP is a very new and important topic. I'd love if you prepare a video about it. Thanks

  30. Ken Jones Avatar

    Your Git Web Developer Course is amazing so far!!! I just finished section 4 of 21 and feel like I have learned a big demystifying secret. My mind is blown. I am writing this for those who are on the fence about moving forward. So far, my time spent has been worth every second. I will post my opinion of the course from time to time, uz I think I will only have positive things to say.

  31. Ken Jones Avatar

    Welcome Back!!! Dude, you are providing the tools to change lives. Especially if the economy turns around, being prepared would be wise. Thank you for all the info!!!

  32. Grateful Heart Design Avatar

    I'm so excited for your JavaScript stuffs 😀

  33. Bhavin Patel Avatar

    You are genius. Seriously i learnt a lot from your all videos! Thank you very very much! Keep it up!

  34. jjasspper Avatar

    You just got yourself a new sub buddy!

  35. Mario Purisic Avatar

    I have to say your videos and the way you explain things are by far the best on the interwebs! I've learned so much. Thank you for that!

  36. Kerty Willis Avatar

    I just finished your course about "Git a Web Developer Job". Thank you. Very useful. Your way of teaching is great. Your voice is calm and your explications are clear. I really improved myself. Guys, his course is definitely worth. Cheers.
    BTW, do you think that it's interesting using Jade to build a WordPress Theme ?

  37. Max Bruhn Avatar

    awesome. glad you are back. your wp tutorials were very helpful for me!

  38. Leverquin Avatar

    my friend gave me your channel . i never had suggestion for your channel. i glad i found.

  39. S A Bokhari Avatar

    Great to see you back Brad. Thank You

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