Check out what features we have on deck for @appmakr apps!

Video created with the Socialcam app on iPhone:






3 responses to “Check out what features we have on deck for @appmakr apps!”

  1. xirsi xaaji Avatar

    hello my teachers i am finshed my app and succesed full ""
    and i have a qoution
    i want to add aplay store? help me thar
    my email is ""

  2. J.R. Robertson Avatar

    and I'm glad I know about this. I kinda won't tell the world HOW I did it…but the will LOVE what I can do. 

  3. J.R. Robertson Avatar

    Ok…I'm all in as of right now!!! I can't stop absorbing your great product.
    I used another app product, test drove other, but this on appears to be the one. 

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