Chemistry Lesson – 34 – Single Displacement Reactions

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27 responses to “Chemistry Lesson – 34 – Single Displacement Reactions”

  1. Angel Kid Avatar

    The z and 2 looking the same is not okay

  2. Oskar Filskow Avatar

    would it not be 2LiOH(little 2)?

  3. Henry Rappleyea Avatar

    If you do not subscript H in the answer you only have 3 hydrogen in the equation and you need 4 right?

  4. Asad Zaman Avatar

    2liOH will be correct

  5. TK TG Avatar

    Put a 2 in front of LiOH

  6. Dan and Krypto Avatar

    Erm… I'm pretty sure Li will NOT displace Na from NaCl given that Na is more reactive that Li. Periodicity tells us that for group 1 elements, reactivity increases down the group and since Na is below Li, Na is more reactive. Hence Na will displace Li from LiCl but not the other way around. Correct me if i'm wrong.

  7. Hamza Issa Avatar

    how would we know if that element is more active than the other to be replaced?

  8. ruth basa Avatar

    how would we know if that element is more active than the other to be replaced?

  9. Elizabeth - Avatar

    Balanced equation is 2Li+2H₂o->>> H₂+ (2) LiOH    You would add the 2 infront of LiOH to balance it. Am I right. I am sure of it

  10. alexa mouse879 Avatar

    What would C7H6O2 + O2 equal?

  11. alexa mouse879 Avatar

    would Zn + HCl = ZnCl + H?

  12. NecessariusVerum Avatar

    2LiH(2)O -> 2HLiOH

  13. Harvey7878 Avatar

    funny how the lesson 10(?) about quantum mechanical formula is waaay harder than all of this stuff …

  14. Rolando Medina Avatar

    it was 2..
    way too easy

  15. beautyfallenfor Avatar

    Wouldnt it be 2 infront?

  16. Envy Avatar

    Li = 2, O = 2, H = 4. Since we already have H2, we still need 2 more for H to be 4, so the answer is 2LiOH. 😀 Lol, I suck at explaining but oh, well.

  17. Carlos Diaz Avatar

    Put a horizontal tick mark through the middle of your letter Z.

  18. zegin17 Avatar

    the anser is 2Li

  19. Von Nabo Avatar

    2Li+2H2O-> H2+2LiOH

  20. Gretchen Graef Avatar

    Put a horizontal line through your Zs to distinguish them from 2s.

  21. Bryce Wilson Avatar

    to know which one is more reactive, you need to understand more basics of the periodic table, watch khan academy chemistry videos 4-9 to understand periodic table more clearly,, bucky is still better.

  22. Twargtoodles Avatar

    Someone saying 'L O L' makes me lol, in a way that makes me die a little inside. Which I find funnier than the actual post 😉

    BUT, in all fairness, this was very helpful 🙂 Good job.

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