Christmas Jumper Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

It’s Christmas Jumper day on the Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel so grab your virtual knitting needles because we’re going to make ourselves a garish fair isle style pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

We’ll begin by creating a tiny stitch-like graphic, which we’ll then re-colour using the Live Paint tool to build up an intricate festive knitted pattern. The kind of pattern you create is entirely up to you. It all depends on much patience you have to sit and craft complex patterns, or even graphics of reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes out of the stitches.

4 Free Seamless Knitted Christmas Jumper Patterns –

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25 responses to “Christmas Jumper Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. 姜小南 Avatar

    It's very useful~Thank u~


    Gracias, recibi su archivo està de lujo.

  3. dextrin69 Avatar

    2:10 when i'm pressing cmd + d here, it's nudging the row. It worked before when copying laterally. What am i doing wrong?

  4. Anirban Avatar

    Thank you for such a nice tutorial.

  5. Tshirt Design Avatar

    Yeah!! So helpful. Thank sir 😀

  6. Kaushal Mehta Avatar

    Great tutorial and right on time! 🙂

  7. Andrés Senz Avatar

    i am searching how to make this pattern, great job man; thanks Spoon.

  8. Kara banka Avatar

    I love u bro! I really love you thanks 😀

  9. Aleesha Stormer Avatar

    Love this! Every time I'm trying to find a specific tutorial on something you always seem to upload exactly what I'm looking for! Keep up the awesome tutorials!

  10. Jaylasplenty Avatar

    You're awesome thank you for this! Can you make a tutorial on how to make embroidery and patches?

  11. Mads D Avatar

    Wow, looks very believable!

  12. Sky Pilot Avatar

    Another great tutorial!!!!

  13. Gargi X Avatar

    I'm unable to merge these – when I merge it, Ai says it'll apply another instance of this effect. What am I doing wrong?

  14. Constantin Popescu Avatar

    Great tutorial as always, thank you very much!

  15. Duncan Hurst Avatar

    Great stuff! Thank you.

  16. Cherry Lasting Avatar

    Oh wow thank you. Merry Christmas

  17. Satori Graphics Avatar

    Don't see many tutorials based around fabric patterns in Ai, great job man

  18. Sabir Ali Avatar

    Thanks Chris for one more amazing tutorial.

  19. Evian622 Avatar

    AMAZING! Terrific work.

  20. Sideways Avatar

    This is fantastic! Bravo sir! Bravo!

  21. Don Kikon Avatar

    Dude you rock so hard I blush from your awesomeness!

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