CircleCI Part 1: Introduction to Unit Testing and Continuous Integration

This video series introduces the concepts of unit testing and continuous integration.

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18 responses to “CircleCI Part 1: Introduction to Unit Testing and Continuous Integration”

  1. Caleb Gorman Avatar

    It would be awesome for you to do a video or live stream of you making updates to the p5 source code. It may seem boring, but it would give insight into what it's like to work through large-project development rather than short 20 minute projects.

  2. CircleCI Avatar

    Thanks for the super informative video, Mr. Shiffman. Very cool.

  3. Pauma Dregis Avatar

    Been using mocha with expect, feels like they work good together

  4. Ozan Mirza Avatar

    during summer, I will watch all your videos to learn this stuff (except for p5.js, already did that)

  5. Damiano Azzolini Avatar

    I need the tutorial about the random stuff!

  6. Ciccio&Bombo Avatar

    When you commit something on github with circleCI, does it run the tests and if they pass actually commit the changes on github, and if they don't it won't make changes to the repo? or does it commit them no matter what, but it tells you "hey look, your code is broken"?

  7. Ciccio&Bombo Avatar

    Cloud shaped undergroud bunker


  8. funxiobolic Avatar

    I'm excited, I've been wanting to learn more about testing, CI and TDD in order to write better software. Looking forward to more in this series!

  9. Aaron Wolbach Avatar

    This could be the most valuable video you've made for me. Thank you.

  10. Marcus Gustafsson Avatar

    The cloud, or the idea of a cloud, which is an underground bunker 🙂

  11. Arif Yulianto Avatar

    Wow, thats entirely amazing sir..

  12. Charbel Sarkis Avatar

    Yes i do love random number generating. Do attempt to make that video

  13. Charbel Sarkis Avatar

    Why have i never noticed that he has 400k subscribers

  14. Live_ Destin Avatar

    Hi Dan! I havnt been able to see eney of your videos lately but i really love waching them even when things arnt so good in life and seeing how happy u are really helps a lot.but just wanted to say thanks so much Dan keeep up the amazing work!!!

  15. Live_ Destin Avatar

    wow so early im the second person

  16. R Brewer Avatar

    Love your work sir, thank you!

  17. Ampersanda Avatar

    Never this early

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