CircleCI Part 2: Unit Testing with Jest

In this video, I demonstrate unit testing with JavaScript using Jest.

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9 responses to “CircleCI Part 2: Unit Testing with Jest”

  1. Lazar Ionut Radu Avatar

    Do a challenge when you make a hilbert curve

  2. Matheus Lima Avatar

    Coloca legenda em português, por favor

  3. Shantanu Bhatia Avatar

    Thanks, Dan! Unit testing used to be a big confusing mess for me and these videos are really helping clear it up.

  4. Jonathan Crowder Avatar

    So THAT'S what dev dependencies are for! Thanks for the video!

  5. Stijn Veenman Avatar

    You should also do a or a few episodes on Test driven development 😉

  6. Nahuel José Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this Daniel. Unit testing is a big hole in my programming life 😛

  7. izybit izybit Avatar

    Why is this Unlisted?

  8. Charbel Sarkis Avatar

    There's a sneaky sticker of circle ci

  9. Éliottulio Camaradonge Avatar

    the answer to the life, the universe and everything else is… … … … … … … … … … … … … …

    PS : Great video Dan.

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