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8 responses to “Client Relations For Graphic Design”

  1. Anadil Fayaz Avatar

    hey Will. Your videos is great and informative. thank you.. 🙂

  2. amerigo37 Avatar

    Terrible advice! I would not bring my religious beliefs into a business relationship. Fine, have a personal relationship with Jesus but keep it personal. What's next,I'm your client and you're gonna send me a Bible for Christmas?

  3. Gabble Gook Avatar

    Just curious: what are the logos printed on vellum in the background? Why are they printed on that translucent paper?

  4. JET Designs Avatar

    Hey Will

    Thanks for all your great videos…..  just starting out in logo design after retiring from the signage industry….. so the learning curve has been a little tough…. the biggest problem, (using online logo contest sites) is getting a thick skin, because some of the feedback can be tough at times….. I have won 2 contests in the last month… but I do get a little discouraged when I supply a decent design and the CH picks this overly simplistic rough design that is nothing like they asked for in the brief … But I keep pluggin away….. will win another one when the time is right…. hopefully this will lead to doing less contests and building a client base….Keep doing the great vids.. they help me and a lot of other people….


  5. ChakraW Avatar

    I guess it's just the word Behance that I have a problem with. Otherwise, everything else you say is clear. I still need an overseas vacation, though.

  6. Simon Hughes Avatar

    Hi Will.  I recently started out in business providing IT and web design services etc.  You videos are inspirational and informative.  Thank you for the inspiration!!

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