CocoaPods Tutorial – How to install and setup Cocoa Pods for Xcode

How to install and setup CocoaPods for Xcode
This lesson shows you how to install and set up CocoaPods so that you can easily use third party libraries and code in your Xcode project.

In the upcoming days, I’ll show you some popular GitHub libraries that all app developers, big and small, are making use of. Instead of downloading the library and manually adding it to your Xcode project, we’re going to install it as a Cocoa Pod. Having Cocoa Pods installed and set up is going to make that a lot easier as you’ll see!

Cocoapods set up guides

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27 responses to “CocoaPods Tutorial – How to install and setup Cocoa Pods for Xcode”

  1. Seth97197 Avatar

    Thanks bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    how to solve this error


    Could not find a valid gem 'cocoapods' (>= 0), here is why:
    Unable to download data from – no such name (

  4. Shabbir Ahmed Avatar

    My favourite library is ILPDFKit, would you like to offer a tutorial on it specially how to fill PDF using swift programmatically

  5. Angelo CEO Avatar

    why I can't type my password?

  6. Vivek Sharma Avatar

    sudo gem install cocoapods

    after that command it ask for password , i have no idea which password to use here , my mac has no passwords , help please

  7. slowroc Avatar

    Thank you kindly sir!

  8. Rahul Pahuja Avatar

    facing issue

    Could not find a valid gem 'cocoapods' (>= 0), here is why:
    Unable to download data from – Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer – SSL_connect (

    behind a proxy network please help

  9. Denish Munaf Avatar

    thankyoooouuuuuu it works

  10. iMezma Avatar

    wtf. Mine found 3 gems and took ages to receive objects. jesusssss

  11. kostia gash Avatar

    Thanks for this !!! you help me !!!

  12. Agung Maliki Avatar

    why im find the error realm.h not found on using cocoapods?

  13. Shaker Rawan Avatar

    Hey, I'be been building my app thanks to your tutorials – thanks a lot for doing this.

  14. Creda Cao Avatar

    LOL, its not working in China, firewall reason

  15. hu yuanze Avatar

    mine stays at " $ /usr/bin/git clone master
    Cloning into 'master'…" ….. can I just close it and do it again

  16. Ивайло Великов Avatar

    Please help, i have a problem … everytime i try to install pods i have this error –> "[!] Unable to find a specification for 'name of the pod i am trying to intall' 🙁

  17. Rajat Gupta Avatar

    ERROR: While executing gem … (Errno::EPERM)
    Operation not permitted – /usr/bin/fuzzy_match

  18. Brandon McKay Crooks Avatar

    thank you thank you for this video. i don't know shit and this was very helpful

  19. Lazar Kukolj Avatar

    Thank you! worked perfectly and the video was made very well!

  20. Edster gadget Avatar

    im stuck said i need ruby version 2.2.2

  21. Saiteja srirambhatla Avatar

    Im getting the following error when im trying to install cocoapods can any one solve this??

    MacBook-Pro:~ saiteja$ sudo gem install cocoapods
    ERROR: Error installing cocoapods:
    activesupport requires Ruby version >= 2.2.2.
    MacBook-Pro:~ saiteja$

  22. Manikumar P Avatar

    iam getting a error like this, please give me clear explanation how to solve this error.

    ERROR: Error installing cocoapods:
    activesupport requires Ruby version >= 2.2.2.

  23. Haumanto Irawan Avatar

    after I hit pod setup –verbose, I'm afraid the process is stuck at Cloning into 'master'…

    Please help

  24. Sebastien Limbourg Avatar

    Whenever i try to type in my password no letters seem to be showing up.
    What do i do to make them appear

  25. Jay Mutzafi Avatar

    Getting an error during install. Tried every suggestions here to no avail:

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