Code Hangout #8 – UIControl Series How to Use WebKit with Swift

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Finally Apple allows developers to tap into the powerhouse of Safari, which is WebKit in iOS.

This tutorial will show you how to use some fundamental functions in WebKit that you can embed into your app.






8 responses to “Code Hangout #8 – UIControl Series How to Use WebKit with Swift”

  1. Ayaz Akbar Avatar

    @duc Tran is there way to add WKWebView From a Storyborad???

  2. Emmanuel Farrar Avatar

    Duc I love the videos and I will be subscribing. In this one I see that the URLs are different so I had to modify them a bit but all in all well done and thank you for this.

  3. 梁志翔 Avatar

    hi~ Duc .this is great tutorial.thanks for this helpful tutorial..:)

  4. M Maz Avatar

    Thanks for the tut its great
    Can we customize the display in webkit. I mean can I remove a header from a specific website in webkit, so in my app the footer wont show?

  5. mark lucking Avatar

    Watched just over half the video, and found the answer I wanted; the minimum code to get Webkit off the ground! Excellent video by a young man judging from his picture who has a bright future indeed! Well done!!

  6. Ricardo Forrest Avatar

    Hey Duc, I was trying to follow along with your tutorial, but couldn't. There is no project files included in this video and when I was finish the tutorial, I just got a blank screen. Too bad, I was really thinking about signing up for your classes on your site but, at this point IM not so sure any more.

  7. JC Fenix Avatar

    dude, amazing video!!

    Do you have a video that shows the progress view? I would like to implement it in my app! 🙂

  8. Кирилл Крайнов Avatar

    Duc, hello!!! I need your help. Can we talk via email?

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