Coding Challenge #1: Starfield in Processing

This is the first in a new series of videos. In this video I attempt to program a “star field” or “warp speed” visualization in Processing.

Send me your 10 minute coding challenge!

Source Code:

The code I wrote in the video was inspired by this example:

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47 responses to “Coding Challenge #1: Starfield in Processing”

  1. HarmonyUnit Avatar

    Hi. Is there a way to transform processing code to javascript code automaticaly ? Thanks very much for this awesome video :-).

  2. David Portilla Avatar

    omg you are a master c: , if my teachers would be as friendly as you , i would like to go to university everyday >:c

  3. Harold Dominguez Avatar

    I'm really newb. What program do you need to do this?

    Edit: alright so I would recommend if you are completely new to coding not to just copy it. I copied it but I had no clue how to manipulate all the functions. You should go to his earlier videos explaining how to use processing which is the program he used to make this star field.

  4. Dondre Campbell Avatar

    What language is this he's coding in?

  5. Bobo Yarnfeild Avatar

    His "10 min" work is better than my 1 year work!

  6. Apple officials Avatar

    you didn't failed bro you nailed it truely nailed it bro!

  7. Diego L.G. Avatar

    Does this work in processing when looping in arrays?
    for (Star star:stars) {


  8. zerbacakekingfoo Avatar

    What program is being used to run this?

  9. A.K Z.S Avatar

    What language are you using? Java? (Sorry if this is a dumb question.)

  10. Absolute Chaos Avatar

    This is fascinating ( screw you haters )

  11. Syed Ali Mehdi - Official Avatar

    meanwhile the most advanced thing i can make uder 15 mins is a program that expands (xa+/-yb)^n where x and y are integers.
    sir you are a legend. Please pray for me.

  12. Archibald Octavius Butler Avatar

    That was so funny! So interesting to see how your mind conquers the code!

  13. Alex Hills Avatar

    Why did the Bryn Mawr implementation linked in the description use pop & pushMatrix(), translate() and scale() each time a star is drawn, rather than just keep the matrix static like Dan's version? Which one is preferable and why?

  14. SuperJeevan999 Avatar

    you are awesome !!!!!!!!!

  15. Yami Studios Avatar

    I was going to subscribe then I noticed I already was.

  16. Ken Ken Avatar

    what programming language is that? and is it suitable for beginners like me?

  17. Davidddfm Avatar

    name of the editor??

  18. Aymen Salmoun Avatar

    What the hell I'm I doing here!! I dont even have a computer.

  19. timothy lanfranco Avatar

    "now I could add a P vector"
    Me: yeah, you could!
    Has no idea what a p vector is

  20. Elías Burgos Avatar

    I'm your Argentinian fan although it costs me a little to understand your English when you speak at the speed of light, haha. I love your videos I have learned a lot, sometimes it costs a little to follow the reasoning that you do to reach a solution but I am excited to continue learning. I am translating some videos so that more Latin Americans can understand them better.

  21. timothy lanfranco Avatar

    I wanna see this video remade, but you don't spend time explaining what your doing and just code nonstop, you would cut off like 5 minutes from everything lol

  22. Ted Zards Avatar

    I'm late on commenring and I guess noone is gonna read thist bur you could also just draw the background once and then fill the whole screen with a rect colored 0,0,0,(Some Number Closely above 125) Like that you get one real cheap motionblur

  23. suraj Chaudhari Avatar

    Which text editor u r using??

  24. suraj Chaudhari Avatar

    What type of os is that??

  25. Oscar Moxon Avatar

    How do you run the code? Can you run it in Atom?

  26. Pedro Henrique Avatar

    lol it looks exactly like the no man's sky intro

  27. Oscar Moxon Avatar


  28. thecoderworld Avatar

    Sir, name of the programming language

  29. xD Lol Avatar

    Is this java or javascript ?

  30. Vòng Kết Nối Avatar

    Hi #The Coding Train, please add CC Eng to your talk so fast, i can't listen.

  31. Halid Şenyiğit Avatar

    Please upload more video. You are the best programer which I have know.
    I think you can make a video which render a lot of cube. I mean there is a camera and camera look at some cubes and render it with 3d to 2d projection.
    Like that :

  32. Sonu Kumar Avatar

    which language you have use in this video

  33. Brijesh Kumar Avatar

    createcanvas() takes width and height in px. Is there any way to assign width and height in %( or height in vh) in order to
    adjust it according to the screen size?Thanks for your help.

  34. Dashrath Sharma Avatar

    can you write this same code in c language too

  35. koko Avatar

    Which programming language is this. It looks like java but I am still learning so I don't really know.Help!

  36. Shinichi kudo Avatar

    which software he is using

  37. Ali Hasan Avatar

    Amazing. Love your videos. Subscribed

  38. Bilal Haider Avatar

    i am going to watch all your videos.

  39. OPTIMUS Avatar

    It tells me Size() cannot be used here, Is it a version issue or something? i'm running Processing 3.3.5

  40. Philip W Avatar

    This Guy is great!!!

  41. GimmeMeSomePussyJuice 123 Avatar

    Someone be kind enough to tell me when is the right time to start learning programming languages and intensively start doing programming?

  42. bhole ibrahim Avatar

    Sir i want to learn programming like You … sir .. then What should I do sir please suggest me help me sir please….

  43. Aman Mahendroo Avatar

    i wanna see how fast gamkedo can do this

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