Coding Challenge #100.4: Neuroevolution Flappy Bird – Part 4

Part 4! I attempt to improve the Neuroevolution Flappy Bird Coding Challenge.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:


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20 responses to “Coding Challenge #100.4: Neuroevolution Flappy Bird – Part 4”

  1. KuraIthys Avatar

    Does kind of show how simple a game flappy bird is that it's possible to 'evolve' a solution with some of these versions in 8 generations or less. XD

  2. Lucas Avatar

    WOW I actually got the idea from another comment, but It would really be amazing if you made a Rubik's cube first and its solver with a neural network if that is possible with your library !!!

  3. TwinkyWinky Avatar

    Can you code a Rubik's Cube solver?

  4. JinTsen Avatar

    In the original you wouldn't die if you hit the floor. I used to go along the floor until I had to rise

  5. René Carannante Avatar

    3:40 inputs[4] = 0.5 + this.velocity / (.5 * height);

  6. Tori Knorth Avatar

    Honestly I'm impressed that the birds could do as well as they did when they didn't have the y-velocity information. It did occur to me that if the birds had a more complicated set of hidden nodes they could theoretically evolve to be able to calculate the y-velocity from successive y-value inputs though. This series of videos is really interesting.

    Edit: given that the y-velocity is the type of input that could theoretically be anything between minus infinity and infinity, it seems to me that it could be rescaled to be between -1 and 1 by plugging into a non-linear function like tanh(y-velocity). That's something I'd like to look into when I try doing neuro-evolution.

  7. ArimB1000 Avatar

    you are the best coding channel thank you for taking your time to make videos for us

  8. kustomweb Avatar

    I think Saving and Loading brains is super important.

  9. harshit jain Avatar

    How can I contribute on github?

  10. M4RF Avatar

    is it to late to start learning to code with 30 ?

  11. Vikram Cothur Avatar

    I think the last change you made was more like flappy bird. It looked cooler too. Shouldn't have changed it back 🙁

  12. germanLc Avatar

    i liked the video because 1:01

  13. ScratchedRecord Avatar

    hey. I need help setting up a localhost. any chance you guys help? thanks

  14. hypno flux Avatar

    can you make a neural evolution game where there exists no winning or losing or being better?

  15. kalapita226 Avatar

    Thanks for video 🙂

  16. jed moutahir Avatar

    Enfin, je l'attendait

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