Coding Challenge #103: Fire Effect

In this coding challenge, I implement a pixel-based “fire” algorithm using Processing (Java).


🔗 Fire Simulation:
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🎥 What is Perlin Noise?:

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42 responses to “Coding Challenge #103: Fire Effect”

  1. Truth Avatar

    uh um uh uhhh um uhh um enjoy alright uhhh um uh I'll see you in a future video, thanks for watching

  2. watashiWaShinigamiDesu Avatar

    this is interesting, but please, I want deep learning´s videos using tensorFlow!
    What if you make a game that we can play against an AI using Deep Learning, that would be amazing!!

  3. Luis Miguel Gallego Gómez Avatar

    Liked the new adjective, grayscaly! 🙂

  4. S. Tarık Çetin Avatar

    Very cool (pun intended).

  5. Pa Pinkelman Avatar

    How did we live before map()?

    I know, I am slow.

  6. Giselle Plascencia Avatar

    love your videos! I have a side question… I have an ellipse as a button that links to another page using'') but it links it to another tab. is there a way to open the link in the same page, rather than opening a new tab using the p5 library?


  7. Don Foumare Avatar

    Isn't the whole point of using loadPixels() and updatePixels() to prevent you from overwriting the actual image data array while reading from it? Which basically makes the whole swaping-buffer-thing redundant?


    You are in use of language

  9. Adam Serodziński Avatar

    I just wanted to say thank You for motivating me to start learning java through p5.js and Processing and overall for great attitude in all your videos! Now I can actually do some satisfying creations instead of some boring algorithms and being stuck in console like i do in school. Thanks Dan!

  10. Matt Thibodeau Avatar

    Who dislikes this video?? Like seriously who comes on here and says "ya know what? Screw this guy" and clicks the dislike button? Must be a bunch of VisualBasic fans or something

  11. МегаНаноЧел Avatar

    You're fucking cool dude

  12. marquete marquete Avatar

    You could try something simpler than noise: randomizing the generator rows at the bottom. Instead of filling them with white pixels, toss a coin (which might very well not be fair) to decide on white or black. I think it would be easiest with the code you had at roughly 14:10.

    Thank you for all the great videos!

  13. okarakoo Avatar

    Does Daniel speak with a lisp? Odd, I had never realized it before

  14. Alessandro Astone Avatar

    19:14 You're subtracting the cooling value BEFORE dividing by 4, while the original algorithm subtracts AFTER it. This way your cooling is 4 times too soft.
    It doesn't really matter though, since tuning the cooling map brightness gives you the same thing.

  15. Ilija Pavlovic Avatar

    What is the secret of your happiness? U are the best!!!
    P.S. dont tell me u are using drugs…

  16. iLiquid Avatar

    // tip:
    void settings() { // use void settings() for variable sizes
    size(yourWidth, yourHeight, FX2D); // use the FX2D renderer for much better performance

  17. Daniel Boa Avatar

    Hey Daniel, I'm currently a patreon, would it be better to sponsor you via YouTube?

  18. MaoItsMe Avatar

    Why don't you use vanilla JavaScript for coding challanges?

  19. mebamme Avatar


    Coding Challenge, A to Z,
    interviews and live streams,
    P5, Processing,
    front-end API

    Particles, Fireworks,
    10PRINT, Flappy Bird,
    Game of Life, Supershapes,
    approximating Pi

    GitHub, pull requests,
    Linting, unit tests,, MousePressed,
    random Perlin noise

    Unicorn, rainbow,
    neural network, Tensorflow,
    learning and intelligence,
    chatbots using voice

    Vectors, matrix math,
    A* finds the shortest path,
    Javascript, ES6,
    cutting for a bugfix

    Dan did start the fire
    He was always coding, had the pixels loading
    Dan did start the fire
    He did not invent it, but did implement it~

  20. Loic Oberle Avatar

    Now you just need to make an earth effect and a wind effect and you will have the four elements!
    Also it was a while since we didn't hear about perlin noise from you ,i was beginning to worry !
    Love your work Dan !

  21. Santiago Guzman Avatar

    Do a coding challenge with python.

  22. xX Agnasius Xx Avatar

    OMG He did it^^ I didn't think you were going to edit this together 🙂

    (watched that whole stream live then^^)
    It was funny^^

  23. SkinKiller Avatar

    Can you program C TheCodingTrain?

  24. Bloom HD Avatar

    Mister, no offence, but you're absolutely crazy!

  25. Marc Gràcia Avatar

    That was a common demoscene trick. One of the starter tricks noobs like me programmed Back in the day. My First Pascal/ASM code. (Yeah, that was the fashion back then, Pascal + ASM)
    I think is from 1992 or 1993. (I got it from a book). Can't remember his name, but the first guy who did it was kinda famous.

  26. Éliottulio Camaradonge Avatar

    Allumer le feu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    French joke (I'm French)

  27. Rage Avatar

    yey! you finnaly covered fire. Thanks. you may only also want to color it 🙂

  28. Darth Torus Avatar

    Dan, your algorithm is a bit off. You subtracted the cooling before dividing. You need to subtract the cooling after taking the average of the four neighbors

  29. KASA Avatar

    When does he stream?

  30. OrangeC7 Avatar

    Be kind to the elephants!

  31. Necronoise Avatar

    why java tho?

  32. Raidenjh Avatar

    That smoke no fire 🙂

  33. Rat Kabu Avatar

    Why is that your videos looks like not monetized?

    I challenge you to try any kind of different language, Python and create an app from it..

  34. Manish Avatar

    Not first commenter but at least Second commenter.Great sir..Can u make video on mongodb ?????

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