Coding Challenge #113: 4D Hypercube (aka “Tesseract”)

In this coding challenge, I visualize a 4D Hypercube (aka “Tesseract”) in Processing (Java).

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🔗 Rotation Matrix on Wikipedia:
🔗 3D Projection on Wikipedia: :
🔗 Tesseract on Wikipedia:

🎥 Understanding 4D — The Tesseract:
🎥 Matrix Math:
🎥 3D Rendering with Rotation and Projection:
🎥 Matrix Multiplication for 3D Rendering:

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31 responses to “Coding Challenge #113: 4D Hypercube (aka “Tesseract”)”

  1. Saru Shan Avatar

    Love your videos !! Huge fan of your excitement

  2. Александр Соколов Avatar

    Yeeeeessss!!!! I watched it!!! And now I'm going to clean my room from my brains all over the walls…

  3. Hermann Barbato Avatar

    we have now entered the fourth dimension

  4. mikeygames Avatar

    when will you do the 5th?

  5. NatetheAceOfficial Avatar

    I'll just call the P4D library. Easy peazy.

  6. Eric Rovell Avatar

    Good day, sir!
    Amazing video, as usual!

    Will you do a p5.js challenge of this too?
    Really want to learn / touch this in js 🙂

  7. Maxim Patrat Avatar

    Where can i watch is on stream

  8. Jacob Hiance Avatar

    "I'll refactor later…" would make for a great shirt.

  9. Bruuuce Ted Avatar

    100th likes in the morning from Boston~


    Project a five-dimensional cube on a fourth-dimensional projection onto a three-dimensional construct onto a two-dimensional screen brought by a large amount of 0 dimensional pixels next 🙂


    I'm that guy that subscribed to this channel quite a while back and totally forgot about it, then I saw this video and clicked.

    Then I remembered what kind of monstrosity I have brought myself into.

  12. Red Cocoon Avatar

    The 4D cube is rendered in 3D matrix on 2D display by 0D pixels

  13. Aditya Ghadge Avatar

    Please give reply

  14. Aditya Ghadge Avatar

    Which software we use for this

  15. Red Destroy Avatar

    Awesome Video DAN

  16. Prakhar Pandey Avatar

    If this succeeds properly,
    Then imma calling Neil De Graus Tyson

  17. devashish rai Avatar

    You're just awesome man.

  18. Coding King Avatar

    16th comment yaaaa

  19. Daporan Avatar

    Soon we'll be uploading videos in 4D #TheFuture

  20. Mac Tonight Avatar

    This man has Lynks Disease.

  21. e4r Avatar

    Please make a 4D Tetris

  22. John Bishop Avatar

    That ending was so epic… lol

  23. AlexCubed Avatar

    This video was awesome

  24. Raigiku Avatar

    why is it unlisted?

  25. Carlos Ponce Avatar

    Great video Dan. I also watched the full version… By the way, why is this video hidden? Cheers!

  26. Luis Miguel Gallego Gómez Avatar

    Just stumbled upon this video, proud to be one of the firsts hahaa, awesome video, and a great tutorial to the math of projections 🙂
    10:32 Hahaha

  27. Darwin DP Avatar

    You can create Minecraft 4d Hahaha

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