Coding Challenge #116 Continued: Lissajous Curve Table in p5.js

In this video I port the Lissajous Curve Table Processing sketch to JavaScript with the p5.js web editor and the p5.js library.

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20 responses to “Coding Challenge #116 Continued: Lissajous Curve Table in p5.js”

  1. Cheese Avatar

    Tbh, I don't like the web editor

  2. Lauri Hei Avatar

    Ringing the bell at the exact moment it would break :'D

  3. Klaus Baudelaire Avatar

    Pls make an 1 hour version of this project. Only fullscreen with some calm music on the background.

  4. Matt Rose Avatar

    I converted this challenge into python/pygame:

    Not much deviation from your example though, except some random colors to make it look more interesting.

  5. pianfensi Avatar

    Can anyone tell, why the youtube compression was mentioned in both videos? what's the matter with this challenge?

  6. Пётр Попов Avatar

    Do a Rubicks cube next time, please))

  7. Qoutroy Avatar

    Instead of 'make2DArray', you could use this: new Array(rows).fill(new Array(cols));
    Does the same thing, but in one row.

  8. atrumluminarium Avatar

    Let song confirmed?

  9. Raffaele Piazzolla Avatar

    Why the same code is faster on the browser? It should be slower on browser and faster when it run on a pc, right? How is this possible?

  10. Oon Han Avatar

    OMG, two different languages are so different!

  11. Jimpi27 Avatar

    Where's all the const! All of the variables you converted to let could have been const instead with the exception of the for loop variables. Hopefully next time. 🙂

  12. Hitsos Love Passion Action Avatar

    we want to look at you!!!!!!

  13. Wamaitha Avatar

    You are heaven sent! Thank you so much for making this!

  14. himansh arora Avatar

    Love your videos Dan! Man you're a magician

  15. Ken Haley Avatar

    Wow, great pair of videos, Dan! I remember programming Lissajous figures using BASIC on my first PC – an Apple ][+ – back in the late '70s. I remember being annoyed by the time it took to draw ONE figure. Here you are drawing over 100 of them simultaneously, each with higher precision and speed, on a machine that's doing many other things at the same time that probably only cost about 1/3 as much. It's truly amazing!

    Also, it was very useful to see what it takes to convert a Processing program to P5.js. It would be great to see this more often.

  16. arsebiscuitsandwine Avatar

    As someone battling with porting code to JavaScript currently this was a trip to watch! Nice job. I'm going to mess about with Lissajous curves in C# too so I can make shiny things with them in Unity3D. Maybe some kind of 3d Modelled machine that drops sand to make the patterns? That sounds rediculous. I'm going to do it.

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