Coding Challenge #2: Menger Sponge Fractal

In this 10 Minute Coding Challenge, I attempt to code the Menger Sponge (fractals) using Processing.

Send me your 10 minute coding challenge!


Prequel where I sort some of this out:

Code for this challenge:

Wikipedia page of the Menger Sponge:

Processing topics covered:

To learn more about fractals using Processing:

Help us caption & translate this video!






42 responses to “Coding Challenge #2: Menger Sponge Fractal”

  1. 晓 Avatar

    The man is working for NSA

  2. raphael gako Avatar

    Omg! Why people dislike this awesomeness! Anyway are you using the macbook pro with touchbar sir?

  3. Ace Shah Avatar

    I want 10% of yours skills -_-

  4. Tushar Maurya Avatar

    That 10 minutes, always went off!

  5. Worapol Buraphan Avatar

    time out agian. You're very cool Programmer

  6. jimmy cerda ruiz Avatar

    9:29 he says 27 at the same time timer is 27 iluminati confirmed

  7. Anshumam Vats Avatar

    what programming language is he using?

  8. 54 k Avatar

    this was so cool to see I was really inspired with this and I want learn all this sir please tell me which language is this and is this help me to join the Google and in which field

  9. Christopher Vosgraff Avatar

    The Coding Train! Hey, I hope you see this. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get started with coding? For instance, how did you get into it and start learning?

  10. Crazy Dud Avatar

    By the time he said 27 the timer was on 27 seconds o-o

  11. JOS BEX Avatar

    muy interesante saludos

  12. derci ferreira Avatar

    What application do you use?

  13. Tom Glenn Avatar

    This is awesome! Good job!

  14. Alam Sadi Avatar

    How much time you spent to learn programming?

  15. Alam Sadi Avatar

    Hey bro how can I download this coding software?

  16. W Boumans Avatar

    Wouldnt it be better subdived using vertices?

  17. Juiced Last Avatar

    Didn't know such a channel existed. Accidentally found you, subbed!

  18. Grand Osprey Avatar

    Always love watching you do challenges. It truly shows the magic of writing code. I hope I can one day be as impressive.

  19. I'll fuck your fat whore mother you useless cunt Avatar

    This guy is fucking whacked, and I love it.

  20. ThePoke151 Avatar

    I'm using part of the code you wrote to create a public available menger-sponge wallpaper.
    I hope you're cool with it 🙂

    But I have a problem, I'm using p5.js and the performance is so bad it doesn't allow me to call the generate function more than twice. Any tips or help?

  21. giancarlo gatti Avatar

    lol i remember it took me forever the first time to do a spaceship that moves in a circle (spaceship follows circle path.

  22. Aashish Bhagwat Avatar

    which language and firmware or IDE you are using please help …!!
    as well how to learn like a boss ( like you ) ??

  23. Bruno barros mello Avatar

    You my friend, are a genius

  24. Christopher Johns Avatar

    I try to do these kinds of things… but they don't actually succeed as fast as yours did! Other than that, there's a lot of similarities. 🙂

  25. keshav Nautiyal Avatar

    i don't know to code but i still subscribe because it is interesting

  26. CherPsKy Avatar

    Youuuu mothersponger. Be my senpai.

  27. Pro Gaming Avatar

    What program do you use? I am looking for something that is user friendly, as I am a beginner in this sort of stuff. Thanks!

    Edit: I have a Windows 10 computer, so I would appreciate a compatible program.

  28. mr.MYSTERIOUS,YT Avatar

    this YouTube channel is the heaven of programmers I'm 15 and so new to programing but I'm still learning.

  29. Jackson Aiken Avatar

    What programming language is this in?

  30. Daniel Liberty Avatar

    what programming language is this?

  31. IanCraftsAndMines Avatar

    I can get it to level five (which takes about half a minute to render) and I'm too scared to try level 6. That should theoretically take about 15 minutes). Also I literally hand-typed every single character along with you and got this and then after my wrists were screaming in pain you said the code was in the description. cri. But at least it's good practice to type it because I'm learning a lot about Processing from watching you. Thanks for these great videos.

  32. IanCraftsAndMines Avatar

    "I have to hit stop here Good b-!"

  33. Melih Durmaz Avatar

    i'm using processing on eclipse. but when i add "P3D" to the size function, i get a "classNotFoundException" error on the line:


    Can anyone help?

  34. M&RFinn Avatar

    some reason processing cant run the sketch even though my script is perfectly fine

  35. Spin-chan Art&Animation Avatar

    code a glass shattering or exploding !

  36. Filipe Teixeira Avatar

    Make lissajous interface with p5.js

  37. Hersey Sawit Avatar

    what of programming language are you using sir?

  38. 200 Subsribers without an uploads!! Avatar

    can i learn the code vocabulary like french words?

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