Coding Challenge #28: Metaballs

In this Coding Challenge, I show you how to code from scratch Metaballs(Isosurfaces) in Processing and how to control them using the Blob Detection method from my previous computer vision video..

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Exploring Meta-balls and Isosurfaces in 2D –

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24 responses to “Coding Challenge #28: Metaballs”

  1. JackPotGaming Avatar

    Someone please make 13:58 a gif!

  2. George Condit Avatar

    Daniel!! When are you going to show us the 3D Metaballs??

  3. Bilal Haider Avatar

    I love it .. am falling in love with your videos.
    take all my money 😀

  4. Miles Waugh Avatar

    you should make it so the meatballs bounce off each other

  5. sahlool Avatar

    now whats wrong with meatballs

  6. curtsher11 Avatar

    This guy very smart and entertaining. (And gayer than a box full of christmas cards).

  7. BabaykaMoscow Avatar

    One of the best YouTube channels!

  8. Vincent van Roosmalen Avatar

    I tried to do this…
    had 1 fps on my gaming pc, but I drew each point one at a time tho

  9. statorworks 345 Avatar

    I keep trying to scroll your code up and down lol

  10. statorworks 345 Avatar

    Ok that sum part is priceless, thanks. It becomes so organic! "glapee glopey gluey things"

  11. Tushar Sadhwani Avatar

    Pretty sure the blobs[0] that got left in the code was a mistake.

  12. Polar Plays Avatar

    i need a blank page for me coding thhis

  13. Pekka Avatar

    Nice video, very helpful. I made metaballs visualization in JavaScript and while it does look nice, it runs very slow if you increase drawing area and number of blobs. I think that it slows down because it has to loop through every pixel and perform calculations per every pixel. Do you have any tips on how to optimize this so that it runs smooth on full screen with relatively high number of metaballs?

  14. Zeichnen Avatar

    Thanks for your video. When I tried to run this on Android Device, it became too slow(1 frame / 2 sec). but it runs very well on PC or laptop.. Do you know why?

  15. Azayles Avatar

    Oh man, I love all the Coding Train videos I've watched lately, but this one speaks to me 😀
    I remember coding metaball "screensavers" many years ago in QBASIC, and I remember the incredibly old and slow laptop I first tried in on. It had a 16 grey level LCD screen, and rendered a frame every few minutes or so 😛 Several months later and I had a faster colour laptop that could run it properly. Still slow, but fast enough to appreciate it.
    This video brings it all back!

  16. Terraria Crafter LP Avatar

    How about combining this with a Particle Flowfield ?

  17. Gurkensohn Avatar

    MAKE a tick tack toe game with win detection!

  18. kranser Avatar

    background(51); just gives me a grey screen and nothing shows until I comment that line out – what am I doing wrong?

  19. SU Man Avatar

    Disappointed you didn't say blobject.

  20. Hamza Biyuzan Avatar

    this is amaaaazing I really like ur videos thanks a lot

  21. Stefan Popa Avatar

    Hi all! Does anyone know how I could load this animation created in Processing as an animated Desktop background?

  22. Jordan Shackelford Avatar

    spaghetti and metaballs

  23. biglouis Avatar

    I tried to do it in p5, but it seems that Javascript isn't fast enough to do this, is it? Did you try it?

  24. Arthur Jakubiec Avatar

    After Binge Watching your Channel I am suddenly filled with DETERMINATION to learn JavaScript

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