Coding Challenge #31: Flappy Bird

In this Coding Challenge, I attempt to program in JavaScript (using the p5.js framework) a clone of the game Flappy Bird.

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39 responses to “Coding Challenge #31: Flappy Bird”

  1. Anton Stasyuk Avatar

    i like your levitating haircut

  2. Aman Mahendroo Avatar

    Excellent tutorials, It would be really nice if you could do it all without using p5.js…would be appreciated

  3. Tjøl Ravndal Avatar

    Hi! Does anyone know how you can use a background image instead of a color to fill the ellipse in p5.js with? For example, in this case, how can i use a background image as the "fill" to the bird? Can i use the texture() function?

  4. CallousRumble4 Avatar

    How is he always so happy?

  5. Reem Najm Avatar

    how do you show your code in the browser and let it correct your mistakes i tried to do it but it shows the the the writing of the code

  6. Razer Blade Avatar

    What program is he using to write the code.

  7. Milokiss82 Avatar

    Nice color-changing stripe on your headband.

  8. Yousef Turmadubee Avatar

    I already know coding, how do i use that program p5?

  9. Shantanu Gaigawali Avatar

    Am I the only one who could see through your bandana?

  10. Joie Assani Avatar

    I have tried the game on a mobile browser and it does not work, how can I make it work on a mobile browser each time I click on the screen. Thank You

  11. torab Tech Avatar

    your coding really encouraging new programmers, then teach them how programming is easy! thanks so much Mr.CODE.

  12. DaGibbityGab Avatar

    And your hands are floating.. Rayman programmer

  13. DaGibbityGab Avatar

    Your head is cut in 2 pieces xD

  14. DaGibbityGab Avatar

    what the hell… why u so goud

  15. Yaseeen Ali Avatar

    Yo this guy his head is floating…

  16. Prajwal Bhandarkar Avatar

    how to change that circle into a gif bird

  17. Daniel Zorman Avatar

    So one question:
    Im new and this is the first video i watched and i never programmed before, but if you'd like to stop the game would be something like,
    If the hitcount goes over 10 and every hit adds 2 points, then the game is over??
    And if yes, how would you write this as a code?
    Aomething like:
    If this.hit >10,
    Then function.close
    Or is this completly off?

  18. Antonio Esposito Avatar

    Wow you're fantastic!

  19. Jordan Koch Avatar

    I would’ve made a block a certain height that starts at the bottom of the top pipe and if the bird collided with that then it’s a point otherwise it’s a loss. That’s a good way of knowing where to start the bottom pipe too and then have it extend to the bottom.

    If that made any sense.

  20. JakeDa Cake Avatar

    NEVER knew the creator was Vietnamese! (P.S, I'm Vietnamese SOOO ya thats cool)

  21. Tristin Miller Avatar

    This dude on crack?

  22. MrJloa Avatar

    14:37 u don't have to inverse the loop, just add i– after your splice.

  23. Till Sommer Avatar

    Bro I justed wanted to say I love your videos. Clean, precise and evertime very interesting. Thanks for doing this. Cheers

  24. EternalCoder Avatar

    Check out the flappy Bird clone i made in Java with sprites…
    Link to demo video –
    Link to source code in in the description of the video

  25. CynthiaBurst Avatar

    how do i get to test this code? how do i connect it to local host

  26. ThatGuy ThatSubscribesSometimes Avatar

    Idk if it gets changed towards the end I only watched 10mins but at around 7:308:30 you should have set the velocity to a negative instead of decrementing it. Because all you are doing is negating the fall instead of creating a lift.

    Sounds counter intuitive but it means you don't need to fine tune the numbers the way you did.

  27. Onur Akmese Avatar

    Woowww you are amazing

  28. AkelisTV Avatar

    how to open a black console in the browser?i am able to find console in chrome but how to make it black

  29. Hamza Nasir Avatar

    You are probably the most unique coder who, when watched, is greatly enjoyed.

  30. tech nerd Avatar

    Where I can get the source code for this

  31. JustA RandomUser Avatar

    What program is he using?

  32. Darwin Willers Avatar

    The Distance between pipes should always be the same. You should define a range from lowest to the highest gap and then generate a random gap height from this range. Create two pipes and offset them by a set value from you gap and voila you have always a static gap size at random height.

  33. Romanian Cunt Avatar

    i will die like a dumb while this guy is discovering the Einstein

  34. Julian Falk Avatar

    u r somewhat cringry xd

  35. Wojciech D Avatar

    I only do Unity C#, but I feel these coding challenges could easily teach me non-Unity JavaScript.

  36. Mr. person game Avatar

    He's back in the 60s

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