Coding Challenge #35.1: Traveling Salesperson

In Part 1 of this multi-part Coding Challenge, I introduce the classic computer science Traveling Salesperson problem (“traveling salesman” (sic) for search) and discussing the pitfalls with a brute force solution.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

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24 responses to “Coding Challenge #35.1: Traveling Salesperson”

  1. No War! Avatar

    first channel ive ever subscribed to!! Really worth it 🙂 Thanks! Apreciate it!!

  2. Aryaman Kejriwal Avatar

    22:21 The bell makes a sound, or you might understand it better as follows:

    class Bell{
    static void makeSound(){


  3. Aryaman Kejriwal Avatar

    For the latest thing, the points would be shops where the Nintendo switch is possibly present…

  4. Muhammad Shafiq Avatar

    very nice program my dear sir 00923327238216 whatsapp

  5. Gabriel de Avila Batista Avatar

    Perfect! I am studying it for a project in my R coding class. Your logic explanation was clear, didatic and easy to understand. I enjoyed it 🙂 Keep making videos like that!

  6. Ooj Amit Srivastava Avatar

    I am building this in the HTML5 canvas without p5. I am having troubles with swap(). Can anyone please help me?

  7. WaRdi PeeYee Avatar

    could you please make a video to code a system that use GA for navigating the customer of supermarket when they are doing their grocery shopping task. The system should use the shelf's coordinate and the result will display a list of shelf label of the selected shelf from the distance calculated from the supermarket front door. tq

  8. codie little Avatar

    What library would be good to use in Python to take care of drawing the lines and visually representing this algorithm?

  9. Joonsung Kim Avatar

    don't you need to return to the starting point?

  10. baqar hussain Avatar

    which java software are u using

  11. Alex Shirley Avatar

    Noob here, what does the index.html file look like. I have it, but when i try to open it in my browser all i get is a black box. PLZ HELP!

  12. Oskar Krogsgård Avatar

    Diiiing. You are so silly. I love it! 😀

  13. jake sw Avatar

    which tool are u using for program javascript?

  14. mrrubikscubeman Avatar

    I like to see the challenge and then try it on my own and then see your solution. I made a python script to do this with an image file and outputs the path. Also, I did this with a recursive function. Thanks for these videos!

  15. JOS BEX Avatar

    Interesante gracias… aplicare ahora la heuristica anneling para calcular mas rápido la ruta mas corta

  16. Alex Budilovsky Avatar

    this guy is incredibly entertaining, lol

  17. Felix Ensminger Avatar

    Your enthusiasm is priceless 🙂 nice video

  18. Valen Avatar

    Please do more in Processing!

  19. Ayush Seth Avatar

    What font do you use in atom?

  20. Kumartheffar Avatar

    I plan to use this to find the optimal route while shopping for various items at Walmart!

  21. Nenek Avatar

    Damn when you coding world seems simpler

  22. Riooos CR Avatar

    Where are u programming this? Are you using an text editor or something else? I would appreciate so much if u can answer me. Excelent video, greetings from Mexico 🙂

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