Coding Challenge #50.2: Animated Circle Packing – Part 2 (Kitten Addendum)

In this short addendum to the Animated Circle Packing challenge, I demonstrate how to combine the circle packing algorithm with looking up pixel colors in an image to create an abstract portrait of a kitten.

Part 1 video:

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Julien Leonard’s Various Circle Packing Tutorials:
Circle Packing on Wikipedia:

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26 responses to “Coding Challenge #50.2: Animated Circle Packing – Part 2 (Kitten Addendum)”

  1. Sharar Awsaf Avatar

    Mother of coding. Thanks for the series. Owe u a lot Dan

  2. Ed Shark Avatar

    The kitten end up being quite … creepy ?

  3. Simantak Dabhade Avatar

    can you make a simulation like what is shown below, you click to add new circles

    skip it slightly

  4. Albi Hysa Avatar

    Anyone able to do this only on JS without any libraries…?

  5. C Programming Avatar

    Thought the rainy, cold day ruined my plans. Then I found this great coding challenge. Absolute fun! Thank you.

  6. exnerhimself Avatar

    I love that your motivation to make a part 2 is that the first part was lacking kittens 😀

  7. Diego Sayron Avatar

    Dan, transformando programadores em powerful programmers

  8. Connor Peace Avatar

    I'm having trouble running this application after exporting it. I'm assuming it has something to do with the image not being found. Can anyone help with this?

  9. Leb Marce Avatar

    Hi, would someone know how to stream a video from VLC to processing using UDP or RTSP ? Thanks for answering if you have any idea !

  10. Eagle Bound Avatar

    Will you be doing the pixel density you talked about? I think it would be interesting.

  11. aidan00ah Avatar

    You should definitely do a coding challenge on the minimax algorithm, and possibly alpha-beta pruning!

  12. Игорь Тарасов Avatar

    3:45 Some quality nightmare fuel here.

  13. Alex Steventon Avatar

    Have you ever seen the fractal nature of Sandpiles? You end up with some beautiful pictures. Take a look at this link:

    Maybe you could try and program this to animate in real time?

  14. gazzaka Avatar

    Awesome ! You are a GURU 🙂

  15. Persus Avatar

    Why did you change the name of the channel

  16. KusKusPL Avatar

    You kinda look like a kids channel now with that name and layout XD

  17. Just Mark Avatar

    New channel art 🙂

  18. Fulgentius Willy Avatar

    Coding train! You change it~ <3

  19. Jonathan Smith Avatar

    Oh My Gosh, the new Icon, Channel Art, and Name is AMAZING I LOVE IT <3

  20. J48 Avatar

    Yd u change ur name. I liked the old one

  21. Sameplayer Avatar

    the coding train… Sounds interesting

  22. Zxios Avatar

    Ahhhhh! New branding!!! I DONT LIKE CHANGE
    just kidding lol

  23. Connor Edwards Avatar

    Noo the channel name changed 🙁

  24. Guilherme Rey Avatar

    Nice new channel name!

  25. Kingfoot__ Avatar

    So, I have a midi controller that I use for some music stuff. Since it's just a simple command interface, would it be possible to make a p5.js program that can take the midi interface as input, so I can make a light weight soundboard (simple hard-coded) that uses my midi controller presses?

  26. Kotok TV Avatar

    somebody please tell me what's the language ? java (?) c (?)

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