Coding Challenge #96: Visualizing the Digits of Pi

In this second Pi Day coding challenge, I attempt to “visualize” the digits of Pi. #PiTrain

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20 responses to “Coding Challenge #96: Visualizing the Digits of Pi”

  1. RicoBrassers Avatar

    As a hint: You don't have to split a string into a string array to get each character.
    Just iterate through each char in the string. Or, more suitable for the draw()-method, you could just use the charAt(int) method of a string object, to get the char at the specified position.

    int digit = Character.getNumericValue(digits.charAt(i));

  2. Dev Sharma Avatar

    Why isn't he making a challenge to actually calculate the digita of PI

  3. Jason Walker Avatar

    This is in response to the rand pi calc using square circle method. You would get a more accurate pi calculation if you just made a nested x,y for loop, counted the amount that has rad less this x/2 from center of x,y then calculated ratio after nest is complete.

  4. bdalsager Avatar

    15:38 Hahahaa I was just about to comment, that you made a pi based moon 😀 Nice video as always Mr Processing God !

  5. Mátyás Nemes Avatar

    We are cookin' here!

  6. Coding30 Avatar

    I kind of want to print it out as a poster

  7. Manos Chalvatzopoulos Avatar

    someone saw numberphile videos!

  8. Die Chaoten Avatar

    Shouldn't the map-function for the angles only go from 0 to 9? (instead of 10)

  9. JinTsen Avatar

    Shouldn't it be random in between -diff/2 and diff/2, so the digits won't overlap?

  10. alane samuel Avatar

    Hi Dan Which Laptop do u use?

  11. Fábio Marques Avatar

    how to draw the moon in a very strange way!

  12. yuvraj Upadhyay Avatar

    i want to learn how to code
    pls teach me python

  13. JinTsen Avatar

    painful to be up to date with your videos, now I can only watch whenever you realease one ^^'

  14. rcd Avatar

    my new favorite channel for now.

  15. mobile legends: zilong Avatar

    51 viewer i watched it live

  16. Ellen Rattray Avatar

    Yay! Finally! Thank you so much for this, you're a huge help to my beginning of learning code!

  17. Naej Avatar

    One Coding Train video a day, keeps the depression away

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