Coding Challenge #97.2: The Book of Pi – Part 2

In this Pi Day themed Coding Challenge, I use Processing (Java) to export a pdf of the first 10 million digits of Pi.

In this continuation of the “Pi Day” coding challenge, I attempt to generate a pdf “Book of Pi” with the first 10 million actual digits of Pi. Processing (Java) is used for this project.

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18 responses to “Coding Challenge #97.2: The Book of Pi – Part 2”

  1. Alain Eros Prestige Avatar

    Can you please make a sudoku game , i wanted to see how one could approach its algorithm, thank you.

  2. Sergey Vinitsky Avatar

    Hi Jeff! Thank you for your videos! I am so inspired by your channel and have started doing some stuff with p5 and javascript.
    If you want, check out some stuff I did on github Vinitskyss/virtual-planet and Vinitskyss/triggers. The first one is some kind of goofy simulation of the life of rabbits and wolves, i wanted to create some sort of natural balance. Also i was wondering if it is possible to apply machine learning on it. And the second one is a prototype of a logical game with different types of cells and balls and no point yet 😀 Thank you for your great content again!

  3. Dave Briccetti Avatar

    Even in a proportional width typeface, aren't the numbers usually all the same width?

  4. salah eddine nacer Avatar

    Love your Work Dud , thanks for the effort , wish you the bust luck

  5. Alexandru Avatar

    This channel is like… john wick become a programmer

  6. Charbel Sarkis Avatar

    youtube does not like when you open that book. Everything goes fuzzy

  7. Ian Chui Avatar


  8. TheI3luehawk Avatar

    Would you print it out and sell it?

  9. Steve Duran Avatar

    hi Dan, i sent you a message about an effect i did. hope you can check it and explain the math behind 🙂

  10. Khalil Mohamed Zouitni Avatar

    Uni won't let me enjoy the art work of this guy.. ughh

  11. D_v_ D Avatar

    love to see the power of Processing 3 and capabilities it offers

  12. scpDgJ Avatar

    in java, you can break out of the outer loop by using a label:

    for(…) {
    for(…) {
    if(…) {
    break outerloop;

  13. Mrkidzation Avatar

    Love this stuff!

  14. William Cedervall Avatar

    I like how the end is super calm, then BAM! Upbeat outro!!

  15. FuroN Avatar

    Great video as always! I would like to see more experimenting with PDF in Processing.

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