Coding Challenge #99: Neural Network Color Predictor

In this coding challenge, I create a “color predictor” with my JavaScript neural network library.

This challenge is inspired by Jabril! (🎥

🔗 TensorFlow.js:
🔗 ml5.js:
🔗 JS Neural Network:

🎥 Jabril’s Color Predictor Machine Learning Demo!:
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🎥 My Neural Networks playlist:
🎥 3Blue1Brown’s Neural Networks:
🎥 Doodle Classifier:

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22 responses to “Coding Challenge #99: Neural Network Color Predictor”

  1. Braulio Castillo Avatar

    tensorflow for processing proyects for 100 ! congrats

  2. AnimationMan Avatar

    for the 100th coding challenge, maybe do multiple challenges in one? (If so can you do tetris as one?) 🙂

  3. Lirycs 88 Avatar

    What learning rate did he use for this example? Is it still the same from when he made the Network, or did he change it?

  4. DaemonPhoenix42 Avatar

    don't get flustered over the little things, i think its good to see how you deal with the fuck ups

  5. Junior Carvajal Avatar

    For the 100 coding challenge make a bot for twitch or youtube live. Idk if its possible on youtube

  6. Jay Theriver Avatar

    Something with Peer2Peer protocols for 100th

  7. ThatSabbs Avatar

    For the 100, mix different coding challenges together to make the biggest one yet!

  8. Caleb Kramer Avatar

    I don't expect you to actually use this suggestion, but my current favorite polyhedron is a "small snub icosicosidodecahedron" (and not just because of the name!) Maybe creating a 3d polyhedron? Rhombicosidodecahedron?

  9. kustomweb Avatar

    Ant Colony Algorithm for #100. Thanks for another great video

  10. Yasin Munshi Avatar

    For 100th coding challenge make an Sanke game ai.snake game already made by you and I like it too much.

  11. gabriel teston Avatar

    I think it would be nice to use data from an experiment (eg chemistry) as input from a neural network, thus showing how a neural network approaches a function. Thus, it can be reproduced graphically during neural network training. I used a neural network to create the profile of (conductivity by concentration) for a college report.

  12. Arakniode Avatar

    I would love seeing a 3D software render in p5 or processing. There's a really interesting series on 3D software rendering by Benny ( ), but I would love seeing you talk about it!

  13. Eichetheking Avatar

    Coding Challenge 100: Evolution Simulator 🙂
    (maybe something like carykh did, I would really enjoy to see how to actually code something like this)

  14. Charan Vengatesh Avatar

    For 100 do something with Python!!!!

  15. James Read Avatar

    Do a ethical comment analysis. Something like Spam Control for comments to kick out ads or aggressive languages….

  16. anonamous less Avatar

    for #100: an algorithm that takes a Hubble Space Telescope's photo and count the number of stars, optional: a neural network that differentiate galaxies from stars (lol)

  17. David Panić Avatar

    I learned to play the intro of "Nothing else matters" by Metallica on my guitar while watching this video XD

  18. legobudgie Avatar

    Do python or c++ neural network/machine learning

  19. SoReeaal Avatar

    For 100th video do a visual display of an atoms electron ring configuration! Just a random idea I had but seems pretty interesting 🙂

  20. Ninjario Picmin Avatar

    for #100 Neural Network Music Maker or smth in that area

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