Coding Train Studio Tour!

By popular demand, here is a walk through of the Coding Train Studio at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. This is from a live stream so the production value is problematic. I hope to make a more polished studio tour like the one I made in 2013 (see link below).

To view the live stream that I start recording at the end of this video:

2013 studio tour:

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26 responses to “Coding Train Studio Tour!”

  1. Tushar Maurya Avatar

    This guy is so "happy"! I just love that!

  2. Typonium Avatar

    Too many things in a tiny room! Doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable? Crowded places are the worst.

  3. said koçak Avatar

    Thanks for your all efforts Dan. You are the best.

  4. Deo Fetalvero Avatar

    Need to do some Cable management in there…

  5. Rayz Nova Avatar

    Dan the Man is hot

  6. Nerdão Avatar

    Was this audio captured using only your phone? That's quite good audio.What cellphone do you use?

  7. Ryac de Barros Avatar

    How much roughly did this cost you to setup???

  8. zoilo garingan Avatar

    Sir you are my hero 🙂 your such a great inspiration greetings from Philippines

  9. Ivan Petrović-Poljak Avatar

    I prefer sitting while coding/being on my pc

  10. András Gyarmati Avatar

    why dont u use wired mic?

  11. Yahya Dadshah Avatar

    You have an awesome channel and wonderful tutorial videos. Thank you

  12. TheRoonzy Avatar

    Hey, I love your videos! Question, how many Black Magic devices are you running? Three? Two cameras and your laptop?

  13. Angel Custodio II Calderon Paredes Avatar

    Hola, desde Peru, soy uno de los que no se pierde ni un video tuyo y son muy instructivos. Congratulation!!!

  14. Nick Pavlou Avatar

    Where did you got the desk? It's so cool!

  15. YourNightmar3 Avatar

    Did you apply digital stabilization? it looks really weird and jiggle and zoomed in.

  16. sofiane sellam Avatar

    may be it's not properly to ask this quest here. but if any get idea i will be glad . the question is : i was thinking for a while to makekind of a electrical schematic simulation, a node attachd to an other node with electric transmission with java language (the only language i can work with actually ). anyone have idea how to begain ? thank you .

  17. Pawel Szymczykowski Avatar

    What kind of lenses on the whiteboard and Daniel cameras?

  18. Mwangi Muthaa Avatar

    excellent work thank you from kenya

  19. Wyatt Floyd Avatar

    This guy is one of the most entertaining people I can think of.

  20. Suheyb Becerek Avatar

    OMG he looks like rick sanchez

  21. Benjamin Harvey Avatar

    Dude, you need some daylight!

  22. beenbeen Avatar

    I forget that you are in such a massive, busy city in such a big building. It's complete opposite to me – I'm in my bedroom in a tiny house in the quiet countryside of a tiny island. Programming is truly universal

  23. Dillon Strichman Avatar

    At about 4 minutes in, the stabilization warps gives your face an almost surreal sort of look! I was a little freaked out at first lol

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